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When British Honduras Became Belize: A Peace Corps Memoir 1971–73
Ted W. Cox (Sierra Leone 1969–71, Belize 1971–1973 )
Old World Deli Publications
Peace Corps letters/journals/photos

Belize Journal: Peace Corps Experience of a New Widow
Barbara Gish Dickens (Beilze 1984–19__)
Xlibris 2006
Peace Corps memoir

The Baker’s Boy: A Novel
Barry Kitterman (Belize 1976–78)
Southern Methodist University Press, 2008
Peace Corps novel

Woven: A Peace Corps Adventure Spun with Faith, Laughter, and Love
Nancy Heil Knor (Belize 1989-1991)
Peace Corps Writers, 2019
Peace Corps memoir 

A School For Others: The History of the Belize High School of Agriculture
George LeBard (Belize 1981-86)
Xlibris, 2010
Peace Corps memoir

The Adventures of Mayana: Falling Off the Edge of the Earth
David Michael Perry (Belize 1985-87)
Independently published, 2021
Peace Corps YA sci-fi

The Adventures of Mayana: The Quest To Save Humanity
David Michael Perry (Belize 1985-87)
Independently published, 2023
Peace Corps YA sci-fi

Drinking from a Tin Cup
Katy Perry (Belize 1985-87)
Augusta, ME: Steele Publishing, 1989
Peace Corps memoir

Cuahi Li Hix:A tale of hilarious and sometimes harrowing adventures in the jungle of Belize
by Barbara Wheeler (Belize 1990-92)
Self Publisher, 2021
Peace Corps stories



Murder In Benin: Kate Puzey’s Death in the Peace Corps
Aaron Kase (Burkina Faso 2006–08 )
Self-published, 2013, 2014
Peace Corps biography

Hyenas Tree
Thomas J. Larson (Benin 1974–76)
Peace Corps creative non-fiction

Last Moon Dancing: A Memoir of Love and Real Life in Africa
Monique Maria Schmidt (Benin 1998-2000)
Clover Park Press, 2005
Peace Corps memoir

To Benin and Back: Short Stories, Essays, and Reflections About Life in Benin as a Peace Corps Volunteer and the Subsequent Readjustment Process
Chris  Starace  (Benin 1995–97)
Iuniverse 2011
Peace Corps short stories, essays



Bolivia 30: Life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the 1960s
Frank T. Darmiento (Bolivia 1967–69)
CreateSpace, 2015
Peace Corps true stories

The Quiet Rebel: A Memoir of My Peace Corps Adventures in Bolivia
Peggy Dickenson (Bolivia 1965–67 )
Self-published, 2013
Peace Corps memoir

An Indian among Los Indígenas: A Native Travel Memoir
Ursula  Pike (Bolivia 1994-96)
Heyday, 2021
Peace Corps memoir

A Peace Corps Memoir: Answering JFK’s Call
Terry Sack (Bolivia 1963–65)
Peace Corps memoir



Meeting the Mantis: Searching for a Man in the Desert and Finding the Kalahari Bushmen
John Ashford (Botswana 1990–92 )
Peace Corps Writers, 2015
Peace Corps memoir

Dusty Land: Stories of Two Teachers in the Kalahari
John Ashford (Botswana 1990–92 )
Peace Corps Writers, 2017
Peace Corps true stories

Black Papyrus
Bret  Galloway (Botswana 1989–91)
Unlimited Publishing, 2003
Peace Corps novel

Letters from Botswana: A Peace Corps Odyssey
Dawn [Stutzman] Khalil (Botswana 1990-92)
The Writer’s Collective, 2003
Peace Corps letters/journals It’s Never Too Late: Botswana Journal and Letters
Barbara B. Knowles (Botswana 1981-83)
Self published, 1989
Peace Corps letters/journals

Nomadic Foundations
Sandra L. Meek (Botswana 1989–91)
Elixir Press, 2001
Peace Corps poetry

One by One: Remembering Thirty-one Years of the Peace Corps in Botswana
Renee Gilbey, editor/writer
Gaborone: Peace Corps/Botswana
Peace Corps essay collection

Time Out: A Peace Corps Volunteer’s Story
June S. Woods (Botswana 1978-81)
Self–published, 1989
Peace Corps memoir


(see Belize)



Living in Brazil: As A Peace Corps Volunteer And Businessman
H. Lynn Beck (El Salvador 1967–69; Brazil 1974–76)
Independently published 2021
Peace Corps memoir

Brazil Heads and Tales: 1965-1967 Peace Corps
Tomas Belsky (Brazil 1965–67)
Peace Corps Writers
Peace Corps short stories, verse and illustration

Iracema’s Footprint
Bernard F. Blanche (Brazil 1965-67)
Eloquest Books, 2010
Peace Corps novel

The Relunctant Volunteer: My Unforgettable Journey with the Peace Corps in Brazil
Peggy Constantine (Brazil 1970–71)
BookBaby 2016
Peace Corps memoir

Into the Backlands: A Peace Corps Memoir
Kenneth E. Dugan Fliés (Brazil 1961–63)
Lost Lake Folk Art Books, 2018
Peace Corps memoir

Ma and Pa Hart Join the Peace Corps
June E. Hart (Brazil 1971-73)
Mennonite Press, 2001
Peace Corps memoir

Peace Corps Syndrome
Ron Horton (Brazil 1966-68)
Happenstance Books, 2007
Peace Corps memoir

The Henderson Memories
Doug Ingold (Brazil 1964-66)
Wolfenden, 2010 (Kindle only)
Peace Corps novel

The Nightingale of Mosul: A Nurse’s Journey of Service, Struggle, and War
Susan [Corry] Luz (Brazil 1972–75) and Marcus Brotherton
Kaplan Publishing, 2010
Peace Corps memoir

A Hero for the People:  Stories of the Brazilian Backlands
Arthur  Powers (Brazil 1969–73)
Press 53 2013
Peace Corps short stories

Finding Neguinho
David Randle (Brazil 1964–69) )
Page Publishing
Peace Corps memoir

Brooklyn to Bocaiúva, Brazil: A Peace Corps Love Story
Franklin D. Rothman (Brazil 1967–69)
Peace Corps Writers, 2016
Peace Corps memoir

An Autobiographical Letter: with a “Self-Portrait of the Author” and a Post-Autobiographical Postscript
Norman  Weeks (Brazil 1968-70)
Independently published 2020
Memoir with Peace Corps section

Autobioscenes & Necrographies: Some Personal Experiences of Life and Death
Norman  Weeks (Brazil 1968-70)
Independently published 2020
Memoir with Peace Corps section

Tropical Ecstasy: A nostalgic trip to Brazil after an absence of twenty-five years
Norman  Weeks (Brazil 1968-70)
Independently published 2020
Memoir with Peace Corps section



Letters from Bulgaria: An Older PCV Writes Back to the States
Rel Davis (Bulgaria 2001-03)
Sloan–Davis Publishing, 2006
Peace Corps letters/journals

7 Hours to Sofia: Challenges and Discoveries of a Peace Corps Volunteer
by Louise Mae Hoffmann (Bulgaria 2009-10)
Burning Daylight Press, 2017
Peace Corps memoir

A Breeze in Bulgaria
Bruce McDonald (Bulgaria 2002–04)
BookBrewer, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Cold Snap: Bulgaria Stories
Cynthia Morrison Phoel (Bulgaria 1994-96)
Southern Methodist University Press, 2010
Peace Corps short stories



Turtle Tushies in the Land of Banana Beer
Anita  Pauwels (Burundi)
Self-published, 2015
Peace Corps letters/journals/blog entries



Service Disrupted: My Peace Corps Story
Tyler E. Lloyd (Burkina Faso 2012–14)
Lloyd Media Publishing Company, 2017
Peace Corps memoir

The Viper Tree
Joseph Monninger (Burkina Faso 1975-77)
Simon and Schuster, 1991
Peace Corps novel

Connecting Two Worlds: An Environmental Journey From Peace Corps To Present
Anthony T. Simeone (Upper Volta 1971–73)
Peace Corps Writers, 2013
Peace Corps memoir

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