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Lake: and Other Poems of Love in a Foreign Land
Jeff Fearnside (Kazakhstan 2002–04)
Kent, Ohio: Standing Rock Cultural Arts, 2011
Peace Corps poetry

At Home on the Kazakh Steppe: A Peace Corps Memoir
by Janet Givens (Kazakhstan 2004–06)
Ant Press, 2014; Birch Tree Book, 2015
Peace Corps memoir

Sixteen Months of Mutton: Meat–Eating Journeys Through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia
Stu Lamb (Kazakhstan 2000–01)
Booksurge Publishing 2009
Peace Corps memoir



Portraits of Innocence: The Children of Ahero
Bie  Bostrom (Kenya  2004–06)
CreateSpace, 2017
Peace Corps photography

Sketches of Joy: Drawings by the Children of Ahero, Kenya
Bie  Bostrom (Kenya  2004–06)
CreateSpace, 2014
Peace Corps childrens’ book

Voices: A Retrospective on the Vietnam War and the Peace Corps
Jack W. Boyd (Kenya)
CreateSpace, 2017
Peace Corps memoir

RISKS: A Memoir
William  Claassen (Kenya)
Cornel & Williams Publishing 2017
Biography with Peace Corps portion

Houses of Clay: A White Boy’s Adventure in Africa
Anthony  Deland (Kenya 2005–07)
Independently published 2009
Peace Corps memoir

Peace Corps Roller Coaster
Dan and Lisa Hebl (Kenya 1991–93)
Menomonie, WI: Roller Coaster Press, 1994
Peace Corps memoir

Kenya: An East African Education
Bob  Flannery (Kenya 1964–66)
Independently published 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Reaching Out
Rainette Bannister Holimon (Kenya 1974–77; Sierra Leone, 1990–91)
iUniverse.com, 2001
Peace Corps memoir

A Journey of Love, Faith, Strength, and Determination: World State City Farm
Grover Jackson (Kenya 1967–69), Mary Fullard and E. Christine Jackson
Newman Springe Publishing
Peace Corps memoir

Dear Exile: The True Story of Two Friends Separated (for a Year) by an Ocean
Kate Montgomery (Kenya 1996–97) and Hilary Liftin
Vintage Books, 1999
Peace Corps letters/journals

No Hurry in Africa: Life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya
Theresa Munanga (Kenya 2004–07)
iUniverse, 2010
Peace Corps memoir

Brevité: A Collection of Short Fiction
Stephen  Mustoe (Kenya 1983–84)
Peace Corps Writers, 2016
Peace Corps short stories

Me Here in Kenya I am Fine: Walking the Peace Corps Road
Maxine Valdez (Kenya 1980–81)
Winlock Publishing Co., 2004
Peace Corps memoir

What Sahel Am I Doin’ Here?: 30 Years of Misadventures in Africa
Steve  Wisecarver (Senegal 1976–78; Staff/ CD Madagascar, CD Kenya 2008–2013)
Booklocker.com, 2018
Peace Corps true stories



Learning to Love Kimchi: Letters Home from a Peace Corps Volunteer
Carol MacGregor Cissel (Korea 1973–75)
CreateSpace 2015
Peace Corps letters

Witnessing Gwangju: A Memoir
Paul  Courtright (South Korea 1979–81)
Hollym 2020
Peace Corps memoir

Mukho Memories: A Peace Corps/Korea Memoir
Don  Haffner (Korea 1972–75)
Dog Ear Publishing, 2017
Peace Corps memoir

Through Our Eyes: Peace Corps in Korea, 1966–1981
William Harwood (Korea 1976–78), editor
Korea: COMA, the Artist Company
Peace Corps photos

The Time of the Monkey, Rooster, and Dog: A Peace Corps Volunteer’s Years in Korea
by Charles A. Hobbie (Korea 1968–71)
iUniverse, 2011
Peace Corps memoir

East of Edgerton: A Memoir of Peace Corps and Beyond
Jim  Krosschell (Korea 1975–77)
CreateSpace, 2018
Peace Corps memoir

A Hint of Light
David L. Meth (Korea 1971–72 )
CreateSpace Writers’ Productions
Peace Corps novel

Land of Morning Calm: My Journey in Korea
Laren Metzer (Korea 1976–78)
Peace Corps memoir

Jeju Island Ramblings: Self-exile in Peace Corps, 1973–1974
David J. Nemeth (Republic of Korea 1973–74)
Digital Repository, U of Toledo, Dept of Geography and Planning
Peace Corps memoir

Rides of Passage: Along the Road to Poona
David J. Nemeth (Korea 1972–74)
Digital Repository, U of Toledo, Dept of Geography and Planning

Festival for Three Thousand Maidens
Richard Wiley (Korea 1967–69)
Peace Corps novel

The Seed of Joy
William Amos (Korea 1979–80)
London and Bordeau: Online Originals, 2000
Peace Corps novel



Come Sit Next to Me: Memoirs of a Peace Corps Volunteer
Robert  O’Quinn (Kyrgyzstan 1997–99)
Xlibris, 2016
Peace Corps memoir

This Is Not Civilization
Robert Rosenberg (Kyrgyzstan 1994–96)
Mariner Books
Peace Corps novel

100 Letters Home: My Two Years in Kyrgyzstan
Emily Ross (Kyrgyzstan 1997–99)
Independently published, 2009
Peace Corps letters

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