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Mad Men and Women of the New Peace Corps

Mad Men and Women of the New Peace Corps

 John writes —    In this series that I published years ago and republishing for those who have come lately to the site, I will attempt, in short-hand fashion,  to tell the history of the first years of the agency and the men and women who created the Peace Corps.   The history begins In those early days of 1960s the agency was full of Mad Men (and a few Mad Women) who were living in a world-of-work atmosphere very much like the provocative TV AMC drama Mad Men, the program that followed a handful of ruthlessly competitive men and women in New York City who worked in advertising on Madison Avenue. They were living (in case you never saw the series) in an ego-driven world where “selling” was all that matters. That series, set in the early Sixties and has everything many of us grew up with: cigarette smoking, drinking, . . .

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