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How to Cook a Crocodile: A Memoir with Recipes
Bonnie Lee Black (Gabon 1996–98)
Peace Corps Writers, 2010
Peace Corps memoir

Glimpses through the Forest: Memories of Gabon
Jason Gray (Gabon 2002–2004)
Peace Corps Writers, 2013
Peace Corps memoir

Tanga: A Novel of Forbidden Love in An African Village
Eric Madeen (Gabon )
IUniverse, 2009
Peace Corps novel

Adventures in Gabon: Peace Corps Stories from the African Rainforest
edited by Darcy Munson Meijer (Gabon 1982–84)
Peace Corps Writers, 2011
Peace Corps essay collection

Souled Out: A Memoir of War and Inner Peace
Michael S. Orban (Gabon 1976–78)
Minute Man Press, 2007
Peace Corps memoir

A Dancer’s Guide to Africa
Terez Mertes Rose (Gabon 1985–87)
Classical Girl Press, 2018
Peace Corps memoir

Au GabonMemoirs by a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central Africa
Jonathon Shacat (Gabon 1998–2000)
Kindle, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Au Gabon: More Memoirs by a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central Africa
Jonathon Shacat (Gabon 1998–2000)
Kindle, 2013
Peace Corps memoir

Au Gabon: Additional Memoirs by a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central Africa
Jonathon Shacat (Gabon 1998–2000)
Kindle, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

The Toughest Job I Ever Loved: A Peace Corps Memoir
Jonathon Shacat (Gabon 1998–2000)
Self published, 2017
Peace Corps memoir

One Degree South
by Stephen L Snook (Gabon 1980–81; 1983–85)
Rocket Science Press, 2014
Peace Corps novel



From and To: Friends, Loves and Peace Corps
Dolores Beasley (The Gambia 1983–85)
iUniverse 2007
Peace Corps letters

Tubob: Two Years in West Africa with the Peace Corps
Mary E. Trimble (The Gambia 1979–1981) 
ShelterGraphics, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Lattitude Adjustment: A Humorously Honest Look Back at a Mind Altering, Life Changing Peace Corps Experience in The Gambia, West Africa
Stephen Shawn Walker (The Gambia 1997-  )
Independently published, 2019
Peace Corps memoir



You Try Paa: A Love Song in Translation
Cynthia Ann Caul (Ghana 2008–10)
Independently published
Peace Corps poetry

The Advocacy
Melissa  Fischer (Ghana 1992–94)
Kilometer Thirteen
Peace Corps novel

Glen: A Novel
Richard  Fordyce (Ghana 1978–80)
iUniverse, 2008
Peace Corps novel

 On the Wide African Plain: And Other Stories of Africa
Richard  Fordyce (Ghana 1978–80)
Merrimack Media, 2016
Peace Corps short stories

Africa Adventures: In the Peace Corps, 1975-1977
Kyle  Forinash (Ghana 1975–77)
Independently published, 2013
Peace Corps memoir

Turquoise: Three Years in Ghana: a Peace Corps Memoir
Lawrence M. Grobel (Ghana 1968-71)
Independently published, 2022
Peace Corps memoir

You Show Me Yours: A Writer’s Journey from Brooklyn to Hollywood via 5 continents, 30 years, and the Incomparable Sixties
Lawrence M. Grobel (Ghana 1968-71)
Independently published, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

Last Lorry to Mbordo: Misadventures in Nation Building
John C. Kennedy (Ghana 1965–68 )
Trafford Publishing, 2006
Peace Corps novel

Being First: An Informal History of the Early Peace Corps
Robert Klein (Ghana 1961–63)
Wheatmark, 2010
Peace Corps memoir

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bill
William H. Peck (Ghana 1984–86)
Bagdad, AZ: Hermit’s Cave Press, 1998
Peace Corps memoir

One Man’s Life
Mal  Singer (Ghana 1969-70)
Independently published 2017
Memoir with section on the Peace Corps

Where to, Black Man: An American Negro’s African Diary
Ed Smith (Ghana 1962–64)
Chicago: Quadrangle, 1967
Peace Corps memoir

Letters from Ghana 1968-1970
Jon Thiem (Ghana 1968–70) — editor
Peace Corps Writers, 2013
Peace Corps letters/journals

To the Peace Corps, with Love
Arnold Zeitlin (Ghana 1961–63)
Doubleday, 1965
Peace Corps memoir



The River of Lost Voices: Stories from Guatemala
Mark Brazaiitis (Guatemala 1991–93)
University of Iowa Press, 1998
Peace Corps short stories

Margarita: A Guatemalan Peace Corps Experience
Marjorie DeMoss Casebolt (Guatemala)
Red Apple Publishing, 2000
Peace Corps memoir

No Ghosts in the Graveyard: The Life-Time Adventures of A Small- Town Oregon Boy
Bob  Crites (Guatemala 1978-80)
Independently published 2021
Memoir with section on the Peace Corps

Hispanic Heritage: My Journey From New Mexico to the Mountains of Central America
Ronny Jose Diaz (Guatemala)
Independently published, 2018
Peace Corps memoir

Fiesta of Sunset: The Peace Corps, Guatemala and A Search for Truth
Taylor Mills Dibbert (Guatemala 2006–08)
iUniverse, 2011
Peace Corps memoir

Your Hand in My Hand: The Memoirs of a Former Peace Corps Volunteer
Tim Flaherty (Guatemala 1974–76)
Independently published, 2023
Peace Corps memoir

Guatemala One: A Journal of the First Peace Corps Project
George L. Gurney (Guatemala 1962–63)
Independently published, 2012
Peace Corps letters/journals

When I Was Elena
Ellen Urbani Hiltebrand (Guatemala 1991–93)
Permanent Press, 2006
Peace Corps memoir

Mud Stoves & Strawberry JamA Peace Corps Experience
Sally L Morrissey (Guatemala 1983-85) 
Roy Paul Press 1994
Peace Corps memoir

Walking with Evaristo: A Memoir of Celebration and Tragedy in the Land of the AchÍ Maya
Christian Nill (Guatemala 1978–82)
Peace Corps Writers 2024
Peace corps memoir

Off the Beaten Path: An Accounting of A Peace Corps Experience
Dennis Ogden (Guatemala 1987–90)
Xlibris Corp., 2001
Peace Corps memoir

Different Latitudes: My Life in the Peace Corps and Beyond
Mark Walker (Guatemala 1971–73)
Peace Corps Writers, 2017
Peace Corps creative non-fiction

A Call to Serve: A Story of Faith and Adventure in the Peace Corps
Kenneth  Watt (Guatemala 1988–91), with Irma Sandoval-Watt, editor
Independently published, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

Recollections of Our Peace Corps Service, 1963-1965: Kick-Off, Life in Guatemala, and Afterwards
Ramona Whaley (Guatemala 1963–65), author; David S. Smits (Guatemala 1963–65), editor
Peace Corps Writers, 2012
Peace Corps essay collection



Riverblindness in Africa: Taming the Lion’s Stare
Bruce  Benton (Guinea 1964–66)
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020
Peace Corps memoir

You Can’t Always Get Where You Want:: A collection of stories, adventures, and lessons from a land far, far away that few have heard of and even fewer will visit
Nicholas DeMassi (Guinea 2017–19)
Independently published, 2020
Peace Corps true stories

My Life in the Peace Corps: Letters home from Guinea, West Africa, and the toughest job you’ll ever love
Chad  Engkilterra (Guinea 1998-2000)
Independently published, 2020
Peace Corps letters



Champion of the Underdog: How Life’s Difficulties Inspired Me to Serve in the Peace Corps

Rodney  Black (Guyana 1997–99) 

Independently published 2021

Peace Corps memoir


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