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Grandma 64 Joins the Peace Corps and Lands in Namibia
Anne  Baker (Namibia 1995–  )
PublishNation 2017
Peace Corps memoir



Portrait of Nepal
Kevin Bubriski (Nepal 1975–79)
Chronicle Books, 1994
Peace Corps photos

Nepali Aama: Portrait of a Nepalese Hill Woman
Broughton A. Coburn (Nepal 1973-75)
Moon Travel Handbooks, 1991
Peace Corps memoir

Nepali Aama: Life lessons of a Himalayan Woman
Broughton A. Coburn (Nepal 1973–75)
Anchor, 1995
Peace Corps memoir

The Two Year Mountain: The Gripping Story of One Man’s Spiritual and Physical Odyssey in the Mountains of Nepal
Phil Deutschle (Nepal 1977–80)
Universe Books, 1986
Peace Corps memoir

Letters from Nepal
Douglas  Deline (Nepal early 1970s)
Inline Publishing 2014
Peace Corps letters, photos

Mountains Diminish Underfoot: Journal Entries from Peace Corps Nepal
Maggie Finefrock (Nepal 1982–85)
The Learning Project Press
Peace Corps journal entries 

At Home in the World: Globalization and the Peace Corps in Nepal
James F. Fisher (Nepal 1962–1964)
Orchid Press, 2013
Peace Corps

A Stone House in Pokhara and Other Tales
Mike  Frame (Nepal 1962-66)
Larchill Press, 2011
Peace Corps letters

The Springs of NamjeA Ten-Year Journey from the Villages of Nepal to the Halls of Congress
Rajeev  Goyal (Nepal 2001–03)
Beacon Press, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

A Classful of Gods and Goddesses in Nepal
Ruth Higbie (Nepal 1969–71)
Boxwood Press, 1988
Peace Corps memoir

Not Exactly Retired: A Life-Changing Journey on the Road and in the Peace Corps
David  Jarmul (Nepal 1977–79; Moldova 2016–18)
Peace Corps Writers, 2019
Peace Corps memoir

The Life of a Nepali Village Boy
Ambika Mohan Joshee (Peace Corps staff/Nepal 1971–2001)
Peace Corps Writers, 2021
Peace Corps memoir

Ascent: The Spiritual and Physical Quest of Willi Unsoeld
Laurence Leamer (Nepal 1964–66)
Simon & Schuster, 1982
Peace Corps biography

Back to the Future in Bandipur
Chij Kumar Shrestha (Staff/Nepal)
Book Art Nepal, 2022
Memoir with portion on the Peace Corps

Experiencing Peace Corps as a Volunteer over Age 60
Robert W. Hugins (Nepal 1984–86; Lesotho 1991–92)
Xlibris, 2001
Peace Corps memoir

So My Teacher Wrote a Book
Derek William Smith (Nepal 2004, Moldova 2004–06)
Independently published, 2015
Peace Corps memoir

Two Years Behind the Plow: Bringing the Green Revolution to Nepal
Jonathan  Stewart (Nepal 1969–72)
Self published; order from the author at: 20116 Cumulus Land, Bend OR 97702
Peace Corp memoir



Veering Off: My Search for Freedom
Kevin I Cromley (Nicaragua 1995-97)
Published Independity
Peace Corps memoir

A Peace Corps Profile
Kirk A. Hackenberg (Nicaragua, Chile 1977–80)
Trafford, 2003
Peace Corps memoir

Tales From The Jungle . . . A Gringa in Nicaragua
Rachael Tyng McClennen (Nicaragua 1996–98)
Seattle Amigos de las Americas Volunteers, 2001
Peace Corps memoir

Memoirs of a Rotor Head
Patrick Michael Ramsey (Nicaragua)
Mennonite Press, Inc., 2013
Memoir with section on the Peace Corps


Adventures in Service with Peace Corps in Niger
James R. Bullington (PC country director – Niger 2000–06)
BookSurge, 2007
Peace Corps memoir

Ansara: A Peace Corps Journey
Tom  Griffith (Niger 1973 – )
Independently published, 2018
Peace Corps memoir

Rogue Elephants
Dan Grossman (Niger 1992–94)
Lulu, 2010, 2013
Peace Corps novel

Soft Corps
Dan Grossman (Niger 1992–94)
Lulu, 2010
Peace Corps poetry

Walking Each Other Home Again: A young Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger, 1960’s, and her return 30 years later
Laurie  Oman (Niger 1967–69)
Independently published, 2021
Peace Corps memoir

The Cartographer’s Tongue: Poems of the World
Susan Rich (Niger 1984–86)
White Pine Press, 2000
Peace Corps poetry

A Dry and Thirsty Land: The Misadventures of a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa
Bryant  Wieneke (Niger 1974–76)
PeaceRose Publishing
Peace Corps memoir



Mambila Remembered
John Bishop, Steve Clapp, Lowell Fewster, Harvey K. Flad, Roger Leed (all Nigeria 1963–65)
Lulu, 2006
Peace Corps memoir

There and Back Again: An Autobiography
Ross and Lorena  Blount (Nigeria 1961–63)
Independently published 2017
Memoir with section on the Peace Corps

Africa Remembered: Adventures in Post-Colonial Nigeria and Beyond 
Steve Clapp (Nigeria 1963–65)
Lulu, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

From Kansas to Nigeria: A Peace Corps Volunteer 1966–1967
Larry P. Gabriel (Nigeria 1966–67)
Independently published, 2017
Peace Corps memoir

My Years in the Early Peace Corps: Nigeria, 1964-1965 (Volume 1)
Sonja Krause Goodwin (Nigeria 1964–65; Ethiopia1965–66)
Hamilton Books, 2021
Peace Corps memoir

Me, Madam: Peace Corps Letters from Nigeria 1961–1963
Dorothy Crews Herzberg (Nigeria 1961–63) and Hershel Herzberg
Arc Light Books, 2014
Peace Corps letters

Alhaji: A Peace Corps Adventure in Nigeria
Jane Brown Hirsch (Nigeria 1966–68 )
Fithian Press, 1994
Peace Corps memoir

Letters from Nigeria: Experiences of a Peace Corps Volunteer before and during the Nigerian Civil War
James King (Nigeria 1966–67), edited by Eileen M. Jones (James’s sister)
Booktango, 2013
Peace Corps letters

Far Away in the Sky: A Memoir of the Biafran Airlift
David L. Koren (Nigeria 1965–66)
CreateSpace, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Nigerian Vignettes
Roger L. Landrum (Nigeria 1961–63)
Black Academy Press, 1970
Peace Corps true stories

Journey from Kilimanjaro
Hoover Liddell (Nigeria 1967–69)
iUniverse, 2000
Peace Corps memoir

Imagonna: Peace Corps Memories
Julian Weldon Martin (Nigeria 1961–63)
CreateSpace, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Nigeria Revisited: My Life and Loves Abroad
Catherine Onyemelukwe (Nigeria 1962–64)
Peace Corps Writers, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

African Odyssey: The Adventurous Journeys of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa
Floyd R. Sandford (Nigeria 1964–66)
iUniverse, 2007
Peace Corps memoir

Cherry-Pie Tells All (Volume 2): Peace Corps Reflections
Cherry Saugher (Nigeria 1966–67)
Independently published, 2014
Peace Corps fiction based on PC letters

War Stories: A Memoir of Nigeria and Biafra
John Sherman (Nigeria 1966–67; Malawi 1967–68)
Mesa Verde Press, 2002
Peace Corps memoir

A Peace Corps Year with Nigerians
William Roy Shurtleff (Nigeria 1963–66)
Frankfurt, Germany: Diesterweg, 1966
Peace Corps memoir

Paul R. Violi (Nigeria 1966–67)
Sun Press, 1977
Peace Corps poetry

Nigeria: An Ancient Secret Becomes the Adventure of a Lifetime
Tom  Wangler (Nigeria 1974-76)
Dancing Moon Press, 2022
Peace Corps novel

High Risk, High Gain: A Freewheeling Account of Peace Corps Training
Alan Weiss (Nigeria 1963–64)
St. Martin’s Press, 1968
Peace Corps memoir



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