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Even the Smallest Crab Has Teeth: 50 Years of Amazing Peace Corps Stories 
(Vol 4: Asia & the Pacific)
Jane  Albritton India 1967-69, editor
Travelers’ Tales/Solas House 2011
Peace Corps essay collection



Back to Pakistan: A Fifty–year Journey
Leslie Noyes Mass (Pakistan 1962–64)
Rowman & Littlefield, 2011
Peace Corps memoir

The G–K Project: A Peace Corps Experience 
Carl Richard Murry (Pakistan 1962–64)
A Peace Corps Writers Book, 2021
Peace Corps memoir

Traveling Through Time: My Ancestral Journey
Richard C. Rudberg  (Pakistan 1962–64)
Florence Unicorn Publishing, 2017
Memoir with section on the Peace Corps


Peace Corps in Panama: Fifty Years, Many Voices
Meredith W. Cornett (Panama 1991–93), editor
Peace Corps Writers, 2013
Peace Corps essay collection

Heart of Palms: My Peace Corps Years in Tranquilla
Meredith W. Cornett (Panama 1991-1993)
University of Alabama Press, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

Islands of Shadow, Islands of Light
Yaron Glazer (Panama 1997–99)
BookSurge, 2009
Peace Corps novel

Finding Purple: A Walk Down the Path of Sustainable Development
Ben  Grostic (Panama 2004–06)
Outskirts Press, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

Good Daughter, Good Mother
Pamela York Klainer (Panama )
self-published, 2016
Peace Corps memoir

Peace Corps Epiphanies: Panama
Anson K. Lihosit (Panama 2015–17)
Peace Corps Writers, 2017
Peace Corps essay collection




Stoves & Suitcases: Searching for Home in the World’s Kitchens
Cynthia D. Bertelsen (Paraguay 1972–73)
Turquoise Moon Press, 2021
Peace Corps cuisine

Journey to the Heart of the Condor: Love, Loss and Survival in a South American Dictatorship
Emily C. Creigh (Paraguay 1975–77) and Dr. Martiñ
Peace Corps Writers, 2016
Peace Corps memoir

Which Guay Again?: A Peace Corps Paraguay Memoir
Mick  Dooley (Paraguay 2010-2012)
Independently published, 2015
Peace Corps memoir

Posted in Paraguay
Eloise Hanner (Afghanistan 1971-73, Paraguay 1999–2000)
Peace Corps Writers, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

Shade of the Paraiso: Two Years in Paraguay, South America – A Memoir
Mark  Salvatore (Paraguay 1989–91)
Melbourne: Vine Leaves Press, 2018
Peace Corps memoir

Love and Latrines in the Land of Spiderweb Lace: A Peace Corps Memoir
Mary Lou Shefsky (Paraguay 1974–76)
Blurb, 2021
Peace Corps memoir


The Tin Can Crucible: A firsthand account of modern-day sorcery violence
Christopher  Davenport (Papua New Guinea 1994-96)
Lume Books, 2020
Peace Corps memoir

White Cloud Free
Peter Michael Johnson (Paraguay 2002-04)
V Press LC Publisher, 2023
Peace Corps fiction


Roman Proud, Wayward Widower
Tino Calabia (Peru 1963–65)
AuthorHouse, 2010
Peace Corps novel

Taking Flight: Finding Myself in Peru — 1962-1964
Barbara Simms Carpenter (Peru 1962–64)
Independently published, 2020
Peace Corps memoir

The Mourning of Angels
Patricia Taylor Edmisten (Peru 1962–64)
Xlibris, 2001
Peace Corps memoir

Water Skiing on the Amazon: A Memoir for My Grandchildren
Patricia Taylor Edmisten (Peru 1962–64)
Jewelweed 2014
Peace Corps memoir

In Search of Decency: The Unexpected Power of Rich and Poor
Michael Heyn (Peru 1964–66)
Troubador Publishing
Peace Corps memoir

Padre Sol, Madre Luna: Cuentos del desarrollo de base pluricultural
[Inti Tayta, Killa Mama: Runallaktakunapak tauka yachaykuna] [Father Sun, Mother Moon: Stories of pluricultural grassroots development] Charles David Kleymeyer (Peru 1966–68)
Quito, Ecuador: Ediciones ABYA YALA, 2000
Peace Corps creative non–fiction

Between Inca Walls: A Peace Corps Memoir
Evelyn Kohl LaTorre (Peru 1964–66)
She Writes Press, 2020
Peace Corps memoir

JFK & RFK Made Me Do It: 1960–1968
Sweet William (Peru 1964-66)
Peace Corps Writers and Constitutional Capers, 2021
Peace Corps memoir

Sendero: The Path Back
John G. Rouse III (Peru 1966–68)
CreateSpace, 2012
Peace Corps novel

 JFK & RFK Made Me Do It:  1960–1968
Sweet  William (Peru 1964-66)
Peace Corps Writers, 2021
Memoir with section on the Peace Corps

Betty Zee in PC: Sights and Sounds from a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru
Betty  Zambrano (Peru 2012–14 )
Kindle 2014
Peace Corps blog entries




Those Were the Days: A Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines in the Late ’60s
James Beebe (Philippines 1968-73)
Peace Corps Writers, 2014
Peace Corps essay collection

Ants Have No Taste
Juliet Stroh [Werner] Blanchard (Philippines 1962–64)
Vantage Press, 1980
Peace Corps memoir

Answering Kennedy’s Call: Pioneering the Peace Corps in the Philippines
edited by Parker W. Borg, Maureen J. Carroll, Patricia MacDermot Kasdan, Stephen W. Wells (all Philippines 1961–63)
Peace Corps Writers, 2011
Peace Corps essay collection

Peace Corps Years: Part 1 – A Success Story Travels with Al 
Alfred Rrussel Conklin, Jr (Philippines 1966–69)
Petra Publshing 2018
Peace Corps memoir

Somewhere in the Middle: A journey to the Philippines in search of roots, belonging, and identity
Deborah Francisco Douglas (Philippines 2011–14)
Peaceful Mountain Press, 2019
Peace Corps memoir

I Had Servants Once: Peace Corps Volunteer Tell All
Kristina  Engstrom (Philippines 1962-64)
Levellers Press [Off the Common Books], 2019
Peace Corps memoir

Sweet Teeth and Loose Bowels: The Adventures of an International Aid Worker
Michael S. Gerber (Philippines 1970–73)
Troubador Publishing, 2007
Peace Corps memoir

Later Maybe
Beryl Gutnick (Phillipines 1989–90)
Lot’s Wife Publishing, 2000
Peace Corps memoir

A Wedding in Samar: A Memoir of an Early Peace Corps Experience, Philippines 1961–1963
John Francis Halloran (Philippines 1961–63)
Puzzlebox Press, 2011
Peace Corps memoir

Wild Enough to Get to You
Devon Janes Hoffman (Philippines 2013–15)
Kindle, 2016
Peace Corps short stories

No Greater Service: A Peace Corps Photo Memoir (Philippines 1969-1974)
Alvin J. Hower (Phlipppines 1969–74) and Prima Guipo Hower
LifeRich, 2020
Peace Corps photo memoir

“Hey Joe”: Poems and Stories from the Peace Corps
Robert F. Nichols (Philippines 1968–70 )
Independently published, 2013
Peace Corps poetry and stories

From Peace Corps with Love
Judythe Pearson Patberg (Philippines 1970–72)
Llumina Press, 2007
Peace Corps memoir

Misadventures in Maasin
Gary Robson (Philippines 1987–89)
Nipa Hut Press, 2010
Peace Corps memoir

Never Gonna Cease My Wanderin’: Letters Between Friends
Ruth Kesselring Royal (Philippines 1961–63) with Beryl Brinkman (Afghanistan 1967–69)
Peace Corps Writers, 2012
Peace Corps letters/journals

Living with the Pinatubo Aetas A Peace Corps Philippines Journal
Richard C. Schneider (Philippines (1969–71, 1974–77) )
Peace Corps Writers, 2014
Peace Corps letters/journals

One Grain of Sand: A Peace Corps/Philippine Experience
Steve M. Shaffer (Philippines 1978)
Gasat, 1988
Peace Corps memoir

Ask What You Can Do: Our Days in the Early Peace Corps
James C. Stewart (Philippines 1962–64)
CreateSpace, 2011
Peace Corps memoir

Through the Eyes of My Children: The Adventures of a Peace Corps Volunteer Family
Frances Stone (Philippines 1971–73)
Peace Corps Writers, 2012
Peace Corps memoir (Young Adult)

Diary of a Peace Corps Volunteer: or How I Learned to Build Windmills in the Philippines
Mark  Tracten (Philippines 1967–70)
Tracten Group, 2018
Peace Corps memoir

Heaven and Hell in the Philippines: Journal of a Peace Corps Volunteer
Daniel H. Wieczorek (Philippines 1985–87)
Independently published, 2016
Peace Corps journal

Dispatches from Paradise: Two Years in the Land of Smiles
John  Wood (Philippines 2010-12)
Independently published, 2020
Peace Corps memoir

A Journey for Peace: A Journal of Peace — Episodes of Life from an Early Peace Corps Volunteer
Donald C. Yates (The Philippines 1962–64)
Austin Macauley Publishers, 2023
Peace Corps journal



Mary Ellen Branan (Poland 1994–96)
Fairfield, Iowa: 1st World Publishing , 2010
Peace Corps poetry

Two Years In Poland: And Other Stories: A Sixty-Seven-Year-Old Grandfather Joins the Peace Corps and Looks Back on His Life
Lawrence Brane Siddall (Poland 1997–99)
Pelham Springs Press
Peace Corps memoir

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