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Published by Redlands Daily Facts
Nov. 21, 2023

Dwight Yates (Tanzania 1964-66)

We sorrowfully announce that Dwight Yates (Tanzania 1964-66) passed away Sunday, November 12th, 2023, at the age of 81.

Dwight was born in Helena, Montana, and traveled widely in his youth. He taught in Tanzania, East Africa, during his time with the Peace Corps and continued his education in Arizona, where he met his wife, Nancy Carrick. Dwight moved to Redlands, CA in 1980 and quickly became a staple within the academic community in the Inland Empire.

He was a widely-published writer and professor of creative writing at UC Riverside. He knew how to connect deeply and – in written word – capture the range of our humanity completely.


Dwight Yates’ stories have appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies. His first collection, Haywire Hearts and Slide Trombones, received the Serena McDonald Kennedy Award from SnakeNation Press.


His second, Bring Everybody, was the inaugural winner of the Juniper Prize for fiction.


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  • Quite by chance, I was posted with Dwight and three other Tanzania VII Peace Corps Volunteers to the Western Region to teach secondary school, 1965-1966. We shared a house on the government boarding school compound for two pleasant years at the renowned Tabora School where Dwight and I taught English for the Cambridge Overseas Exam syllabus and coached school sports. We became devoted friends and had kept closely in touch from those fascinating times until Dwight’s death, often sharing holidays together in subsequent years. He had a lovably funny sense of humour and as a stylist his writing teemed with wit and hilarity. Memory of his admirable life are solace in suffering our loss with his passing.

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