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Forever Traveling Home
Regina D Landor (Macedonia; Romania)
Independently published 2013
Peace Corps memoir

Lost and Found in Macedonia: A Journey to Unexpected Places
Marilyn Wheeler (Macedonia 2004–06)
Park Place Publications, 2012
Peace Corps memoir



Souvenirs de Nancy: Journals of Nancy Coutu: A Peace Corps Martyr
Nancy Coutu (Madagascar 1994–96), edited by Connie Coutu
Faithworks, 2002
Peace Corps journal

Tony D’Souza (Cote d’Ivoire, Madagascar 2000–02, 2002–03)
Harcourt, 2006
Peace Corps novel

So Far
by Kamaka Dias (Madagascar 2016-19)
Independently Published, 2021
Peace Corps blog entries

What Sahel Am I Doin’ Here?: 30 Years of Misadventures in Africa
Steve  Wisecarver (Senegal 1976–78; Staff/ CD Madagascar, CD Kenya 2008–2013)
Booklocker.com, 2018
Peace Corps true stories


(formerly Nyasaland)

The Warm Heart of Africa: An Outrageous Adventure of Love, Music, and Mishaps in Malawi
Jack Allison (Malawi 1967–69)
Peace Corps Writers, 2020
Peace Corps Memoir

The Fallen: A Novel
Edna G. Bay (Malawi 1965-68)
Peace Corps Writers
Peace Corps novel

The Keys to the Congo: and Further Travels: Memoir of a 2x Peace Corps Volunteer
by Irene Brammertz (Zaire 1988-90; Malawi 2011-12)
Self-published, 2015
Peace Corps memoir

From Microsoft to Malawi: Learning on the Front Lines as a Peace Corps Volunteer
Michael Buckler (Malawi 2006–08)
Hamilton Books, 2010
Peace Corps memoir

My Malawi Journal
Bea Buckley (Malawi)
Athena Press, 2003
Peace Corps journal

This is Africa: Peace Corps Malawi and the Liberian Civil War
Eugene T. Caruso (Malawi, Liberia 1999–92)
CreateSpace, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

Island People: Finding Our Way
Henry R.  Danielson (Malawi 1967–68)
Page Publishing 2018
Peace Corps memoir

African Dreams: A Memoir of Service and Salvation
Sandra L Frye (Malawi 1969–71)
Independently published, 2021
Peace Corps memoir

Hidden Places: A Journey from Kansas to Kilimanjaro
James  Heaton (Nyasaland 1962–64)
Xlibris, 2016
Peace Corps creative non-fiction 

Letters from the Linns of Lilongwe: A Peace Corps Volunteer Family Odyssey, Malawi 1973–1975
Devol Wayne and Fae Linn, and their children Jennifer, Jay and Douglas Linn (Malawi 1963–75)
Independently published, 2015
Peace Corps letters

Apoplexy: On A Thin Line Of Grass With Waves of Color
Michael  Neiman (Malawi 2002-04)
Independently published 2017
Peace Corps memoir

All Things Strange and Wonderful: My adventures as a vet in Africa
Herbert Rebhan, DMV (Malawi)  [aka Dr. Reb] Finch Publishing
Peace Corps memoir

Bubba: The African Adventures of James Johnson
William G. Spain (Malawi 1966–68)
ZIWA Books, 2013
Peace Corps novel

Sensible Shoes: The Experiences of an Older Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa
Melva Jane Steen (Malawi 2003–05)
Independently published, 2011
Peace Corps memoir

My Secret History
Paul Theroux (Malawi 1963–65)
Putnam, 1989; Fawcett Columbine, 1996
Peace Corps novel

My Other Life
Paul Theroux (Malawi 1963–65)
Houghton Mifflin, 1996
Memoir with portion on the Peace Corps

The Lower River
Paul Theroux (Malawi 1963–65)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012
Peace Corps novel

A. J. Walkley (Malawi 2007– )
Rocket Science Productions, 2013
Peace Corps novel


How the Water Feels
Paul Eggers (Malaysia 1976–78)
Southern Methodist University Press, 2002
Peace Corps short stories

More Alike Than Different: A Peace Corps Memoir of Malaysian Borneo, 1967-1969
Kate Griffin Flaherty (Malaysian Borneo 1967–69)
Indie Author Warehouse, 2017
Peace Corps memoir

At the Table of Want
Larry Kimport (Malaysia 1980–82)
Foremost Press, 2009
Peace Corps novel



Monique and the Mango Rains: Two Years with a Midwife in Mali
Kris Holloway (Mali 1989–91)
Waveland Press, 2006
Peace Corps memoir

Three Hundred Cups of Tea and The Toughest Job: Riding the Peace Corps Rollercoaster in Mali, West Africa
by Asifa Kanji and David Drury (both PCV Mali 2011–12; PCRV Ghana 2012–13; PCRV South Africa 2013)
CreateSpace, 2015
Peace Corps memoir

Fishing in the Sky: The Education of Namory Keita
Donald Lawder (Mali 1983–85, staff: 1988–93)
The Permanent Press, 1997
Peace Corps memoir

Moriba Kante: A Peace Corps Journal
L. Allen Mowbray (Mali 2001–2004)
Independently published 2021
Peace Corps letters, emails, etc. compiled by his father, Thomas Mowbray

Life in Alien Territory: Memories of Peace Corps Service in Mali
Renate A. Schulz (Nigeria 1963–65, Mali 2011–12, Response Vol: Mexico 2013–14)
Wheatmark 2014
Peace Corps memoir

Ain’t No Elephants in Timbuktu: Prose and Poetry of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali
John H. Sime (Mali 1976–78)
CreateSpace, 2017
Peace Corps memoir — prose and poetry

Dancing Trees and Crocodile Dreams: My Life in a West African Village: Journals from Two Years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali
Marcy L. Spaulding (Mali 2000–02)
Poppy Lane Publishing Company, 2004
Peace Corps memoir



Life as a PCV in the Republic of the Marshall Islands
Steve C. Smith (Solomon Islands 1979–80) with with Carol Coleman
Development Through Self–Reliance, 1986
Peace Corps history

Giving and Gaining: The Peace Corps in the Republic of Marshall Islands
Steve C. Smith (Solomon Islands 1979–80)
Development Through Self–Reliance, 1991
Peace Corps history


Growing Mangos in the Desert: A memoir of life in a Mauritanian village
Katherine Baird (Mauritania 1984–87)
Loyola College/Apprentice House, 2022
Peace Corps memoir



If You Are Retiring, You Might Join the Peace Corps!
Sally Jo Nelson Botzler (Mexico 2009–11)
WestBowPress, 2017
Peace Corps letters


Going to Mexico: Stories of My Peace Corps Service
David H. Greegor (Mexico 2007–11)
CreateSpace, 2017
Peace Corps true stories



The Fish & Rice Chronicles: My Extraordinary Adventures in Palau and Micronesia
Patrick G. Bryan (Micronesia 1967–70)
Xlibris 2011
Peace Corps memoir

A Country Boy’s Dream Comes True: Travelling the World
Edward Franklin Burkett (Micronesia 1986–87)
iUniverse, 2004
Peace Corps memoir

I Was a Peace Corps Volunteer: Lost and Found in Micronesia
by Heather Kaschmitter (Micronesia 2002–04)
CreateSpace, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

The Edge of Paradise: America in Micronesia
P. F. Kluge (Micronesia 1967–69)
Random House, 1991; University of Hawaii Press, 1993
Peace Corps memoir

Trust Betrayed
Sylvia  Malcolm (Micronesia 1977–79)
Independently published 2014
Peace Corps memoir

Leaving Losapas
Roland Merullo, Jr. (Micronesia 1979–80)
Houghton Mifflin, 1991
Peace Corps novel

Green Pearl Odyssey
Reilly A. Ridgell (Micronesia 1971–73)
Blue Ocean Press, 2010
Peace Corps novel

Bending to the Trade Winds: Stories of the Peace Corps Experience in Micronesia
Reilly A. Ridgell (Micronesia 1971–73)
University of Guam Press, 1991
Peace Corps short stories

Outer Island:Peace Corps Tales from Micronesia, Chuuk, and Pulap
Scott D. Smith (Micronesia 1992–94)
Independently published, 2019
Peace Corps memoir, Travel

The Federated States of MicronesiaAn Emerging Nation – An Overview For Peace Corps Volunteers
Steve C. Smith



What It Means to Serve: From Airborne Ranger to Peace Corps Volunteer
Robert Donayre (Moldova 2003–05)
Dorrance Publishing, 2007
Memoir with section on the Peace Corps

Moments Between Cities
by John Flynn (Moldova 1993–95)
Edwin Mellen Press, 1997
Peace Corps poetry

Not Exactly Retired: A Life-Changing Journey on the Road and in the Peace Corps
David  Jarmul (Nepal 1977–79; Moldova 2016–18)
Peace Corps Writers, 2019
Peace Corps memoir

So My Teacher Wrote a Book
Derek William Smith (Nepal 2004, Moldova 2004–06)
Independently published 2015
Peace Corps memoir

Lenin’s Asylum: Two Years in Moldova
A. A. Weiss (Moldova 2006–08)
Everytime Press, 2018
Peace Corps memoir



When Things Get Dark: A Mongolian Winter’s Tale
Matthew B. Davis (Mongolia 2000–02)
St. Martin’s Press, 2010
Peace Corps memoir

Travis  Hellstrom (Mongolia 2008–2011)
Advance Humanity Publishing/CreateSpace, 2016
Peace Corps memoir

Tea of Ulaanbaatar
Christopher R. Howard (Mongolia 1997)
Seven Stories Press, 2011
Peace Corps novel

The Soft Exile
Eric Kiefer
Gentleman Tree, 2012
Peace Corps novel

Mongolia Monologues: The Trials, Tribulations, Triumphs and Truths of a Feisty, Fifty-Something Peace Corps Volunteer
Joanne Nussbaum (Mongolia 2010–12)
BookBaby, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

Travel Tales of a Feisty Fifty-something: All Roads Lead Home
Joanne Nussbaum (Mongolia 2010–12)
BookBaby, 2015
Peace Corps memoir



Muriccanian Tales: The road less traveled… the road to forgiveness
Nicholas  Baryshev (Morocco 2013–15)
Independently published 2016
Peace Corps memoir

Nuns, Nam & Henna: A Memoir in Poetry and Prose
Larry Berube (Morocco 1977–79)
Peace Corps Writers, 2017
Peace Corps poetry and prose

Pit Stop in the Paris of Africa

Julie R. Dargis (Morocca 1984–87)
Indie House Press, 2013
Peace Corps creative non–fiction

Morocco Pentagraph: Stories of Morocco
Orin K. Hargraves (Morocco 1980-82)
Independently published 2010
Peace Corps short stories

Allah’s Garden
Thomas D. Hollowell (Morocco 2002)
Tales Press, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

Younger Than That Now: A Peace Corps Volunteer Remembers Morocco
Michael Moran (Morocco 1981–83)
Full Court Press, 1994
Peace Corps memoir

Once Upon Peace Corps: Letters Home From Morocco
Charley Silverman (Morocco 2006–08)
Self published, 2009
Peace Corps letters

The Couscous Chronicles — A Peace Corps Memoir
Richard  Wallace (Morocco 1977–79)
Independent, 2020
Peace Corps memoir




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