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Tunakumbuka (We Remember): Our Time in Tanzania as Peace Corps Volunteers
Harlan Bengtson (Tanzania 1965–67)
PublishAmerica, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

The Handsome American: a fictionalized memoir
E. B.  Bolles (Tanzania 1966-68) [Edmond Blair]
Independently published 2016
Peace Corps fictionalized memoir

There Comes A Time
Terry  Campbell  (Tanzania 1985-87; Dominican Republic 1989-92; Crisis Corps El Salvador 2001-02)
Self published, 2005
Peace Corps memoir

The Peace Corpse: Misadventures in Love and Africa
Andy Christofferson (Tanzania 2002–04)
CreateSpace, 2011
Peace Corps memoir

Leopards at My Door: Peace Corps Tanzania, 1966–67
Harriet Hayes Denison (Tanzania 1966–67)
Peace Corps Writers, 2014
Peace Corps memoir

The Marble Room: How I Lost God and Found Myself in Africa
Bill Hatcher (Tanazania 1994–96)
Lantern Books, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Buffaloes by My Bedroom: Tales of Tanganyika
Dennis Herlocker (Tanzania 1964–67)
iUniverse, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

An African Season
Leonard Levitt (Tanzania 1963–65)
Simon & Schuster, 1967; Cape 1968
Peace Corps memoir



Ladyboy and the Volunteer
Susanne  Aspley (Thailand 1989–91 )
Peace Corps Writers, 2014
Peace Corps novel

Peter Blair (Thailand 1975–78)
Autumn House Press, 2009
Peace Corps poetry

Breathing the Same Air: A Peace Corps Romance
Gerry  Christmas (Thailand 1973–76; Western Samoa 1976–78)
Lulu 2015
Peace Corps memoir

Two Years in the Kingdom: The Adventures of an American Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand
Blaine L. Comeaux (Thailand 1997–99)
iUniverse: Writers Club Press, 2002
Peace Corps memoir

Fighting Malaria on the River Kwai: A Peace Corps Memoir
Jonathan R.C. Green (Thailand 1973–75, So. Africa 2015-2017, Liberia 2017-2018/PC response)
Archway Publisher, 2019
Peace Corps memoir

War of Hearts And Minds: An American Memoir
James Jouppi (Thailand 1971–73)
iUniverse, 2011
Peace Corps memoir

Nakhon Phanom: the Domino That Did Not Fall (and my Thai hometown)
James Jouppi (Thailand 1971–73)
Liberty Hill Publishing 2021
Peace Corps memoir

The Original Unauthorized Upcountrywithoutapaddle Peace Corps Survival Manual
Larry Thistle (pseudonym of James Jouppi (Thailand 1971–73))
Larry Thistle Enterprises
Peace Corps memoir

The Goats of Wrath and Other Stories: A Peace Corps Family’s Adventures in Thailand, 1972-1975
Patricia  Lidrich (Thailand 1972–75)
Inkwater Press  2017
Peace Corps memoir

I Am Farang: Adventures of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand
Amy  McGarry (Thailand 2003-05)
Independently published, 2019
Peace Corps memoir

Footprints in the Mud: A Peace Corps Volunteer’s 40+ Years of Ties to Thailand
by Michael R. MacLeod (Thailand 1964–68)
Third Place Books, 2010
Peace Corps memoir

Land of Smiles
A. A. Maytree (Thailand 1969–72)
iUniverse, 2008
Peace Corps memoir

Sit and Cry: Two Years In the Land of Smiles
Burgess  Needle (Thailand 1967–69)
Wren Song Press, 2017
Peace Corps memoir

Thai Comic Books: Poems from My Life in Thailand with the Peace Corps: 1967–1969
Burgess Needle (Thailand 1967–69)
Big Table Publishing Company, 2013
Peace Corps poetry

The Making of a Peace Corps Volunteer: From Maine to Thailand
Roger O. Parent (Thailand 1961–63)
ZRS Books, 2013
Peace Corps memoir

Imprint Thailand
Carol Kim Retka (Thailand 1965–67)
Self–published, 1990
Peace Corps photographs

Thaiburgh: Essays from the First Third
Kyle  Sakowicz (Thailand 2015–16)
Independently published 2020
Memoir with section on the Peace Corps



(see Gambia)



Blaming Japhy Rider: Memoir of a Dharma Bum Who Survived
by Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D. (Togo 1978)
Balboa Press, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Intimate Colonialsim: Head, Heart, and Body in West African Development Work
Laura Lopez Charlés (Togo 1999–02)
Left Coast Press, 2007
Peace Corps memoir

by Stephen F. Dexter. Jr. (Togo 1988–91)
Peace Corps Writers, 2017
(Peace Corps novel)

Greetings From Jungleland
Michael Fortner (Togo 1994–97)
Lulu, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

Bread From the Sky
Maria McCarthy (Togo 1996–98)
Amazon Digital Services (Kindle), 2011
Peace Corps memoir

The Village of Waiting
George Packer (Togo 1982–83)
Vintage/Random House, 1988
Peace Corps memoir

A Yovo in Togo: My Peace Corps Experience in West Africa, 1985 to 1987
Karen  Story (Togo 1985–87)
Lulu,  2021
Peace Corps memoir



Gentle People: Into the Heart of Vava`u, Kingdom of Tonga: 1781-1973
Donna  Gerstle (Tonga 1971-72)
Topua Press, 1973
Peace Corps memoir 

Tonga Pictorial . . . A Tapestry of Pride  . . . Kupesi’O Tonga : Ko e Makatu’unga ‘o e Laukau) Donna Gerstle (Tonga 1971-72) and Helen Raitt, photos by Christopher A. Gist
Topua Press, 1974
Peace Corps 

The Goodbye Islands: Tongan Redux
Stuart  Gregory  (Tonga)
Gatekeeper Press 2020
Peace Corps memoir

Steve’s Adventure with the Peace Corps: Stories from the Kingdom of Tonga and the United States Peace Corps
Steve Hunsicker (Tonga)
Amazon Kindle
Peace Corps memoir

Night Blind
Jan Worth (Tonga 1976–78)
Peace Corps novel



The Measure of A Dream: A Peace Corps Story
Lora Parisien Begin
Peace Corps Writers, 2012
Peace Corps memoir

Discovering Tunisian Cuisine
Judith Dwan Hallet (Tunisia 1964–66)
Spirit Of Place/Spirit Of Design, Inc, 2019
Peace Corps cuisine

A Witness in Tunis
Phil Jones (Tunisia 1966–68)
Booksurge, 2010
Peace Corps memoir

Keeper of the Moon: A Southern Boyhood
Tim McLaurin (Tunisia 1978–80)
W. W. Norton, 1991; Anchor Books, 1992; Down Home Press, 1998
Peace Corps memoir



Letters from Turkey: A Peace Corps Volunteer’s Story
William D. Brockhaus (Turkey 1967–69)
Outskirts Press, 2019
Peace Corps memoir

Deeply Held Dreams and Memories
Harlan R. Green (Turkey 1964–66)
Self-published, 2002
Peace Corps memoir

Building Community: Answering Kennedy’s Call
Harlan R. Green (Turkey 1964–66)
Peace Corps Writers, 2022
Memoir with portion on the Peace Corps

An Ongoing Affair: Turkey & I
Heath W. Lowry
Citlembik Publications, 2009
Peace Corps memoir

45 Pieces of Turkish Delight: Memoirs of a Peace Corps Volunteer
Patricia  Morgan (Turkey 1964–66)
lulu.com, 2019
Peace Corps true stories

To Make A Difference: A Peace Corps Memoir – Turkey
Julie Woods Olson (Turkey 1964–66)
Self published, 2015
Peace Corps journal

Village in the Meadows
Malcolm Pfunder (Turkey 1965–67)
Çitlembik/Nettleberry Publications, 2007
Peace Corps memoir



Saving Jahan: A Peace Corps Adventure Based on True Events
Hans Joseph Fellman (Turkmenistan 2006–08)
Russian Hill Press 2020
Peace Corps creative non-fiction

Chai Budesh? Anyone for Tea?: A Peace Corps Memoir of Turkmenistan
Joan Heron (Turkmenistan 1995–97)
PublishAmerica, 2008
Peace Corps memoir

Joe and Azat
Jesse Lonergan (Turkmenistan 2005–07)
NBM, 2009
Peace Corps graphic novel

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