The Peace Corps Storytelling Contest

 Third Goal of the Peace Corps

To promote a better understanding of other peoples
on the part of Americans.


There’s something about the process of crafting personal stories to be told in front of an audience that brings you closer to yourself and to others. – Zach Matheson, Northern California Peace Corps Association

This year we are proud to launch Peace Corps’ first-ever Storytelling Contest. Storytelling usually evokes images of huddling around a campfire or childhood bedtimes, but in recent years it has developed an exciting new image. The expansion of “Story Slams” is revitalizing the ancient tradition of storytelling to spread culture, ideas, and thought provoking experiences through spoken word. This summer, returned Peace Corps Volunteers will be invited to submit their stories in video form.

Contest Theme: Building Bridges to Intercultural Understanding

  • Humanize your host country by letting us get to know a special community member
  • Share the moment you felt you understood the host culture
  • Transport us to a celebration or joyous moment in your host country

Storytelling Tips and Trainings

Learn how to find, hone, and craft your story with this storytelling guide.

We are offering Storytelling Training to get your stories ready for the contest. Register for the one most convenient for you.

More information and instructions are available at:


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