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Dear Writers,

This is to introduce StoryMondo, an exciting new website where you can publish your short stories and verse. But the writing we publish is special. It must have a “sense of place” – it must in some way illustrate features or evoke the atmosphere of a particular location.

We publish two kinds of writing:

Short stories: up to 1,500 words long, these can include folk tales and legends, new or adapted from the old; travellers’ tales about places you have visited; and descriptions or stories that say something about where you grew up or where you live

Verse: haiku, sonnets or other forms of poetry, containing any or all of the elements above

Your writing can be about any topic – but it must always have a connection with real physical places such as cities, mountains, rivers, buildings and countries – and so can be shown by a symbol on the StoryMondo online map

StoryMondo also offers a crowd-sourcing service to companies, organisations and individuals who wish to commission a piece of writing exploring a particular theme and having defined geographical relevance.  Please sign up to receive email requests for your work at

And finally…… StoryMondo runs regular competitions.  The winners receive $100 and their work will be specially featured on the StoryMondo website.  Our current competition is for short stories and the closing date is 30 June 2014.

I look forward to hearing from you at my email address below.

With kind regards,

Desmond Chaffey

Editor, StoryMondo

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