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StoryMondo–Where RPCV Writers Might Publish

StoryMondo–Where RPCV Writers Might Publish

Dear Writers, This is to introduce StoryMondo, an exciting new website where you can publish your short stories and verse. But the writing we publish is special. It must have a “sense of place” – it must in some way illustrate features or evoke the atmosphere of a particular location. We publish two kinds of writing: Short stories: up to 1,500 words long, these can include folk tales and legends, new or adapted from the old; travellers’ tales about places you have visited; and descriptions or stories that say something about where you grew up or where you live Verse: haiku, sonnets or other forms of poetry, containing any or all of the elements above Your writing can be about any topic – but it must always have a connection with real physical places such as cities, mountains, rivers, buildings and countries – and so can be shown by a . . .

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