Steve Kaffen (Russia) publishes EUROPE BY BUS



Buses are transforming European travel, cruising its highways, country roads, and coastlines, and connecting its cities and towns. They offer comfortable seating, wide windows, immediate boarding, value pricing, and modern technology along intercity routes spanning the European continent. Using descriptive text of 50 bus trips and destination city visits over a two-year period, author/explorer Steve Kaffen weaves together a fascinating travel story while providing experiential guidance on how to take advantage of this exciting way to explore Europe. Some 600 photos of all the bus trips, cities, sights and local color complement the story. An excerpt from the book’s Foreword: “‘Europe by Bus’ is informative, joyous, and lots of fun, with wonderful photographs and valuable tips. Its broad coverage, in text and photos, of some of Europe’s most interesting places makes the book a fascinating story and an excellent planning tool.” An excerpt from the Introduction: “Steve Kaffen has written an important book…. ‘Europe by Bus’ is groundbreaking in scope and coverage. Read it to get inspired about a future trip.” Come aboard and become travel-smart and bus-smart!

Europe By Bus: 50 Bus Trips and City Visits
Steve Kaffen (Russia 1994–96)
371 pages
SK Journeys
May 2019
Paperback $16.00 (paperback)

Steve Kaffen brings an unusual diversity of life and travel experiences to his writing. He has explored most countries and is a long-time member of the famed Explorer’s Club. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Russia ( 1994-96) and later as the Assistant Inspector General for Auditing of its worldwide operations. Among interesting experiences, the author has monitored elections for the UN, written the soccer World Cup’s operating procedures, reviewed UNICEF and USAID programs and National Endowment for the Arts grants, managed a start-up Coca-Cola bottling plant in the middle of winter, without heat, and served as an advisor on Washington, D.C.’s 2019 Bus Transformation Project.



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  • Steve also serves on the Accessibility Advisory Committee to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. His international experience riding buses, long-distance trains, and urban Metro and subway systems, enriches the Committee’s deliberations and discussions. –Tino Calabia

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