Seeking French Speakers for Overseas Positions with Peace Corps

 [A good friend forwarded this announcement that came to his wife’s listserv. (She speaks French; he only knows Amharic!) The announcement was in the newsletter of  Alliance Francaise in Washington, D.C.  I thought some of the ‘French speaking RPCVs’ would want to know about it.

[An aside: One nagging complaint that I always have is the Peace Corps agency still continues to not use the article ‘the’ for ‘Peace Corps’….I think it goes back to the Nixon years when the Republicans were attempting to show that they could save money by eliminating articles from proper government names. Not sure about that; just a guess. Aaron, do us all a favor, put the “the” back in THE Peace Corps!]

April 5, 2010

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Peace Corps is one of the most successful and respected service agencies in the world. Established in 1961 by President Kennedy, nearly 200,000 Volunteers have served in 139 countries since its inception. The leadership and dedication of U.S. citizens employed by Peace Corps contribute to its success.

In that capacity, Peace Corps is seeking senior and mid-level executives and managers with exceptional leadership, motivational and training skills, strong cross cultural and international experience, French Language skills and administrative and financial management experience to serve overseas. There are three possible overseas positions:

Country Director (CD) – CDs are the senior Peace Corps official and legal representative in the country of assignment. The CD is responsible for leading and managing the successful implementation of the Peace Corps country program. Candidates should have senior-level work experience managing a program or business of comparable size to a Peace Corps country program (i.e., approximately 15 to 50 staff, 50 to 250 Volunteers, and an operating budget ranging from $900,000 to $4 million), as well as experience mentoring staff and volunteers. The salary range for these positions is $87,848 – $140,940.
Apply to be a Country Director

Program and Training Officer (PTO) – PTOs manage, advise and develop teams of professional program and training staff to support Peace Corps Volunteers at post in a variety of fields such as health, education, small business development and agriculture/environment. These officers guide coordination between working units to ensure effective strategic planning, cost-effective budgeting, and appropriate recommendations. Candidates should have work experience managing an international development program or business, and mentoring staff and volunteers. The salary range for these positions is $57,678 – $129,008.
Apply to be a Program and Training Officer

Administrative Officer (AO) – AOs ensure the effective management of country operations in support of a population of staff and Volunteers entirely dependent on the critical services (administrative unit supervision, financial analysis, policy execution and implementation) they provide. Candidates should have work experience managing a program or business, and mentoring staff and volunteers. The salary range for these positions is $46,736 – $104,534.
Apply to be an Administrative Officer

Please note that all candidates must be United States citizens and must not have been associated with intelligence activities. Since approximately 90 percent of Peace Corps staff at each post are host country nationals, strong cross-cultural communication skills are critical for all positions. Also, all Peace Corps U.S. direct hire positions are time limited. Employees are appointed for a 30-month tour and may be granted a second tour for a maximum of five years (60 months) with the agency.

Peace Corps accepts applications for our overseas staff positions throughout the year. There are 3 hiring cycles which take place in January, June and October.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their application at least 5 months prior. Please visit our new overseas portal at There you can find more information about the positions, as well as apply through the Find Jobs section. You must complete the on-line application to be considered for a position.

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