RPCV’s letter published in the Washington Post


In its February 16, 2021 issue,  the Washington Post published a news article describing  how hydrofluorocarbons, a dangerous environmental pollutant, were leaking from supermarket freezers. It also described the Biden administration’s efforts to regulate and eliminate the problem. https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2021/02/15/these-gases-your-grocerys-freezer-are-fueling-climate-change-biden-wants-fix-that/

RPCV Evelyn Ganzglass  (Somalia 1966-68) wrote this letter to the Washington Post urging consumer action to deal with the  pollution issue. The Post published it, included that she was a  member in the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for Environmental Action.  In her letter, Ganzglass stresses pollution is a global problem and hurts everyone all over the world.

Thank you to Evelyn Ganzglass for sharing the letter.

“Consumer activism could have a real impact on the environment. Let’s all use the money we spend on groceries to exert market pressure on supermarkets to immediately fix leaks in refrigeration systems that release hydrofluorocarbons into the atmosphere and accelerate the pace of replacing these chemicals with less polluting ones.

Just as we have signs on restaurants that rate their cleanliness, let’s demand an environmental rating system for grocery stores that allows us to take our business to those stores that are helping address climate change, which hurts us, our children, our grandchildren and people around the world.

– Evelyn GanzglassWashington

The writer is a member of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
for Environmental Action.”





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