Ron Arias (Peru 1963-65) First Novel is Back as EBook

The Bilingual Press at Arizona State University has released 11 of its titles as ebooks, including Ron Arias’, The Road to Tamazunchale. The ebooks are available the-road-to-tamazunchalethrough Amazon, Apple iTunes Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Overdrive, and can be linked to ebook versions from the Bilingual Press website. The project to convert the titles to ebook formats was supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.”

When the book was published, Library Journal wrote,The Road to Tamazunchale is one of the first achieved works of Chicano consciousness and spirit.”

Of the book, the Midwest Book Review said: “This skillful and imaginative Chicano novel (nominated for the National Book Award) tells the story of Don Fausto, a very old man on the verge of death who lives in the barrio of Los Angeles. Rather than resigning himself, he embarks on a glorious journey in and out of time, space and consciousness. The Road to Tamazunchale includes a scholarly introduction by Eliud Martinez.”

Ron for many years was a senior writer at People magazine or at he said to me, “I cover the third world for People magazine.” He is the author of half a dozen books, including Five Against the Sea: True Story of Courage and Survival (1990) and Moving Target: A Memoir of Pursuit (2002).


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  • So proud of my younger brother Ron, a former Volunteer in Peru 1963 to 1965. This book is a trip down Latin America…from Mexico to Peru!
    You will find beauty in the travels this plot takes us on! Share with your children so they see the value of our heritage.
    Thanks hermano!

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