PCVs from the Philippines Publish Book

A new book published by our Peace Corps Writers imprint has just come out. Answering Kennedy’s Call: Pioneering the Peace Corps in the Philippines edited by four Philippines Volunteers from groups 1,2,3, (Parker W. Borg, Maureen J. Carroll, Patricia MacDermot Kasan, Stephen W. Wells). It weights in slightly less than 3 pounds and at 500+ pages. Their book is a series of essays by 90 Philippine Volunteers, plus a few essays from staff and a few Filipino observers. As Parker W. Bong, one of the four editors, wrote me, “These former Volunteers recount their personal crises, misadventures, apprehensions and foibles along with their sources of satisfaction and accomplishment. A common theme is humility and the sense they came back having gained far more than they were able to contribute. We believe we have not only created an interesting memoir for the former volunteers and their families, but a valuable history of the first Peace Corps years.”

The book is available for $25 at its URL address http://createspace.com/3528295 or under its title at Amazon.com  amazon.com.

And I’ll have more to say about it once I get my strength back to pick it up again!

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