One of the Best Thriller and Mystery Novels of 2022 – Richard Lipez (Ethiopia)


The Washington Post has selected Knock Off the Hat by Richard Stevenson (Dick Lipez (Ethiopia 1962-64) as one of the 12 Best Thriller and Mystery Novels of 2022.

Richard Lipez (Ethiopia 1962-64)

Dick Lipez, writing as Richard Stevenson, died this year, shortly before the publication of this standout. (Stevenson, writing under his real name, Richard Lipez, was also a frequent Washington Post reviewer.)

The story —

In post-World War II  Philadelphia, detective Clifford Waterman is trying to help a man charged with “disorderly conduct” following a raid at a gay bar. The seemingly small case sends Waterman into a world of corruption involving a dangerous judge who preys on the city’s gay population.


Knock off the Hat
Richard Stevenson (Richard Lipez – Ethiopia 1962-64)
Amble Press, 2022
222 pages
17.99 (paperback), $8.69 (Kindle)


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