NPCA announces “A Moment to Lean In: Courageous Conversations on Racial Equity in International Service”


Please read the following announcement from the NPCA website about this program.  At the end of the announcement there is a link to register.

Now is the time for some tough questions. How do we confront systemic racism as it shapes the work we do — here and around the world? And how do we ensure that our community lives out principles of equity and justice?As part of our commitment to convening‌ ‌conversations‌ ‌around‌ ‌service and‌ ‌opportunity, National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) is joining the Building Bridges Coalition and the International Volunteer Programs Association to host a dialogue about racial equity in international service. Speakers will share their experiences as Black volunteers and staff on service programs, and as organizational leaders with longstanding commitments to institutional and systemic change. Join us for this important dialogue.

In the weeks ahead, NPCA is hosting a series of conversations around racial equity. Those will help shape the conversation at Peace Corps Connect to the Future — a summit for the Peace Corps community on July 18, 3–6 p.m. EDT.

Corey Arnez Griffin (Moderator) has served as Associate Director of the Peace Corps and held management roles with more than a decade’s experience with Microsoft. He is CEO of Global Government and Industry Partners (2GIP), focusing on government affairs, strategic advising, and management consulting. He also serves on the NPCA Board of Directors.
Tonia Wellons is President & CEO of Greater Washington Community Foundation, the largest public foundation in the greater Washington area. She has worked at the World Bank, was appointed by President Obama to serve as Head of Global Operations for Peace Corps, and founded the Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund.
Esayas Wureta served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mongolia 2008–10 and advised the Mongolian government on youth mentoring. He has worked with Peace Corps on training for intercultural competence, diversity, and inclusion, and is now Inclusion and Belonging Manager for CSAA.
Imani Davis served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya 2001–05, and has experience as a desk officer for the agency and as director of management and operations for Peace Corps Belize.
Carrie Hessler Radelet served as Director of the Peace Corps 2014–17 after serving as deputy and acting director. She is President and CEO of Project Concern International, a global development organization working with families and communities in 16 countries. She has spent decades leading global health efforts with John Snow, Inc., consulting on programs for USAID and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). She also founded the Special Olympics in The Gambia and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Western Samoa 1981–83.
Glenn Blumhorst is President and CEO of National Peace Corps Association, the nonprofit advocacy organization that serves the 250,000-strong Peace Corps community. He served as a Volunteer in Guatemala 1988–91.
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  • Being without honor or decency — matters that began long ago and must now be addressed, corrected, resolved, confessed, repaired, and addressed in a concise amendment to our American Constitution.

  • Is it possible to see the video that was shown? I had to leave the room momentarily and I missed seeing it.
    If there is a link, I would appreciate you sending it to me. Thanks so much.

    Doretta Winkelman, Venezuela 1967-1969

    • It is on Facebook on the National Peace Corps Association page. I am able to watch the video of the conversation.

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