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Peace Corps Stories: The Unofficial Podcast (Apple Podcasts | Google Play) presents an unfiltered, uncensored look at the toughest job you’ll ever love. Each episode features true stories about the Peace Corps, told by returned volunteers reflecting on the thrilling highs, the debilitating lows, the near-death experiences and the crazy adventures from their service in the Peace Corps.

For those of you who loved Season 1 of Peace Corps Stories: The Unofficial Podcast, we are happy to bring you a new collection of RPCV stories for 2020 and beyond. We’ve published several episodes this year (all from our live shows) and have plans to bring you many more. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, or click the link below to listen on our website. If you have a story to tell, let us know at

Story Slams:

You ready for this?! Our RPCV Story Slam is a time each year to come together to share the heartwarming, oddly touching and definitely ‘too inappropriate to share in polite conversation’ stories that we all have from our two years as a volunteer. For our 9th annual event, we are hosting the show virtually, and with three themed events. Join us and tell your story!

Sept. 24, 2020: Unexpected Americans: Experiences with Identity in the Peace Corps

“Yes, I’m American.” Traveling far and wide to represent our country’s commitment to serve to then face an unexpected challenge… not meeting the stereotypical view of Americans. On this night our community shares their experiences with identity in distant places.

Oct. 22, 2020Political Animals, Literally and Figuratively

No matter where in the world, humans are political animals. Literally and figuratively. In honor of our election at home, we’re highlighting your on-the-ground experiences with political processes around the world: From the way host country nationals celebrated the act of voting, to coups that helped bring down governments, Peace Corps Volunteers have seen it all.

Nov. 19, 2020: Global Reentry: Evacuation stories

Life interrupted! Didn’t see that coming. This year over 7,000 volunteers were evacuated to safeguard against Covid-19. For this event, we invite our evacuated volunteers to reflect, alongside the wider community, on their very unique return to the states.


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