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Face to Face with War
by Leo Cecchini (Ethiopia 1962–64)
Independently published
October 2022
254 pages
$15.00 (paperback), $9.00 (Kindle)


War is the subject that captures all minds. Many books deal with the subject. This is my personal experiences with war which together give a “”face to face”” view of what it is like, how it happens, its impact and in total a strong call to reject it. While there are many sound reasons to reject war, I reject it because it destroys economies and paralyzes human progress.


The Couscous Chronicles: Stories of Food, Love, and Donkeys from a Life Between Cultures
Azzedine T. Downes (Morocco 1982-85) with Jane Goodall PhD (Foreword)
Disruption Books
June 2023 (pre-order)
330 pages
$19.00 (paperback), $12.99 (Kindle)

Azzedine Downes moves between cultures, places, and time in this wryly comedic, at times mysterious, and always curious memoir of a lifelong nomad.


Railways in Nepal: An Historical Account
By Dan Edwards (Nepal 1966-68)
Independently published
February 2023
338 pages; 440 illustrations
$67.09 (Paperback)

This book gives the history of Tarai forest railways in Nepal in the 1920s; the Nepal Government Railway (from Raxaul to Amlekhgunj, 1927-1968); the Motor (Trolley) Railway in the Kathmandu Valley (1933- c. 1957); the Koshi Project Railway (from Dharan to the Koshi Barrange, 1957- c. 1985); the Nepal Jaynagar-Janakpur Railway (1937-2014; re-opened in 2022); the Sirsiya (Birgunj) Inland Container Depot Yard (2005 to the present); the Harisiddhi Brick & Tile Factory industrial line (abandoned); an amusement park children’s railway in Kathmandu; and plans and progress during the past decade to build new railways in Nepal. The book has 328 pages with more than 440 illustrations.

Peace Corps memoir

Just Keep Pedaling: A Peace Corps Volunteer in Uruguay
By Connie Ness (Uruguay 1994-96)
Independently published
159 pages
March 2023
$12.95 (Paperback), $6.50 (Kindle)

Just Keep Pedaling is a fast-paced book about life in a slow-paced town. Connie Ness was the first and only North American to live in the tiny pueblo of Baltasar Brum in Uruguay, the second smallest country in South America. With over 80 color photos of life and work in Uruguay, reading Connie Ness’s engaging account is like listening to a friend who just returned from a two-year adventure.

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