Available for review

Available for review

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If you find a book you are interested in reviewing, write Marian at marian@haleybeil.com and she will send you the book and some brief reviewing instructions via “Media Mail.” If you prefer to review a book on Kindle (if available), let her know.

If you see a book of interest on our “New Books …” page that interests you, contact me and I can try to get a review copy of it if we haven’t received one.


Quick & Quotable: Columns from Washington, 1985–1997 (Bliss Institute series)
William L. Hershey (Ethiopia 1968–70)
The University Of Akron Press
246 pages

A collection applying insights from 20 and 30 years ago to things that are going on today.

The Innocence of Education
(Peace Corps poetry)
Earl Carlton Huband  (Oman 1975–78)
Longleaf Press
31 pages

Covers his first year of Peace Corps service in Oman.


In the Coral Reef of the Market
(Peace Corps poetry)
Earl Carlton Huband  (Oman 1975–78)
Main Street Rag Publishing
44 pages
This book is based largely on Earl’s second-year Volunteer experience, and as such is essentially a sequel to his first book, The Innocence of Education.


Between Inca Walls: A Peace Corps Memoir
Evelyn LaTorre (Peru 1964–66)
She Writes Press
256 pages

An adventurous and romantically inclined twenty-one-year-old seeks fulfillment volunteering in Peru and is assigned to the Andes where she falls in love with her village, her indigenous pupils — and a handsome university student who entices her to violate the sexual prohibitions of her Catholic upbringing.

In the Amber Chamber: Stories
Carrie  Messenger (Moldova 1994–96)
Brighthorse Books
260 pages

In the Amber Chamber combines dark fairy tales with disturbing history: a dust bowl, some famine, and some dessert.

Roost: Confessions of a First-Time Chicken Farmer
Bronwyn  Mitchell-Strong (Botswana 1994–96)
Apprentice House Press
166 pages

This is a story of what happens when two chicks in the suburbs open their home and hearts to four chicks from the hatchery, and is woven throughout with thoughts on chicken history, science, politics, pop culture, religion, social justice, and even psychosis.

‘The Mystical Land of Myrrh (short stories)
MaryAnn Shank (Somalia 1967–69)
Dippity Press
February 2019
222 pages
$13.99 (paperback), $3.99 (Kindle), $13.97 (audiobook)

Stories of a young Peace Corps Volunteer who stretched her senses to soak in every story, every song that was around her, but her missteps tossed a beautiful young woman into a whipping circle, and denied her students the futures they had worked so hard to obtain.

The Imaginal Marriage
Eleanor  Stanford (Cape Verde 1998–2000)
Carnegie Mellon University Press
72 pages

The mesmerizing poems in Stanford’s third collection move deftly from the kiss of the hummingbird’s fringed tongue to apocalypse, from midwives’ magical cures to a gritty New Jersey overpass.

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