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You Try Paa: A Love Song in Translation
Cynthia Ann Caul (Ghana 2008–10)
Independently published
85 pages

A Peace Corps memoir detailing Caul’s time in Ghana in a series of episodic poems that explore white saviorism and U.S. American exceptionalism in the Peace Corps.


Called by Another Name: A Memoir of the Gwangju Uprising
(Peace Corps memoir)
David Lee Dolinger (Korea 1978–80) with Matt VanVolkenburg
Goggas/Gaek Publisher
May, 2022
274 pages

The American who walked into the turmoil of Korean History

Goats: And Other Stories
(Short stories)
Martin Ganzglass (Somalia 1966–68)
Peace Corps Writers
March, 2021
305 pages

Ten Imaginative stories that weave together the mundane and the supernatural to reveal relationships that are at once humorous and humane.

The Price of Freedom
(Historical novel)
Martin R. Ganzglass (Somalia 1966–68)
Peace Corps Writers
370 pages

This sixth and last novel of the American Revolution by Martin Ganzglass begins after the crucial victory at Yorktown in October 1781, and ends in the summer of 1784 in liberated New York City when Patriots and former Loyalists begin to overcome their wartime differences.

Finding Our Way: A Newlywed Couple’s Peace Corps Odyssey in 1960s Korea
(Peace Corps memoir)
Steven Gallon (Korea 1967-69)
288 ages

A young couple recounts adventures, discoveries and lessons accrued while living and teaching as Peace Corps Volunteers in 1960s Korea.

Discovering Tunisian Cuisine
Judith Dwan Hallet (Tunisia 1964 – 66) and Raoudha Guellali Ben Taarit, Hasna Trabelsi
Spirit Of Place/Spirit Of Design, Inc, 2019
148 pages

Judy Dwan Hallet has assembled a terrific collection of delicious and healthy Mediterranean Tunisian recipes along with insightful accounts of the country’s distinctive culture, art, and history.  No cook with an interest in the world’s distinctive cuisines should be without Discovering Tunisian Cuisine.

The Color of the Elephant: Memoir of a Muzungu
Christine  Herbert (Zambia 2004–06)
GenZ Publishing
January 2022
$15.99 (paperback), $5.99 (Kindle)

Joining the Peace Corps in her 30s was an attempt to rewrite the story of her life, but she never guessed the story would read like Bridget Jones Goes to Africa!

Awkward Stumbles and Fuzzy Memories: Memoir of a Peace Corps Volunteer: Memoir of a Peace Corps Volunteer
(Peace Corps memoir)
Kathy  Ivchenko (Ukraine 1994-96; 2000-01)
Independently published
192 pages

This book focuses on my first stint in the Peace Corps from 1994-96.  It follows the ups and downs of training, teaching and romantic stumbles as I left my small home town and traveled down my Peace Corps path filled with love, laughter and libations.  

Angels of Bastogne: A Remembrance of World War II   
Glenn H. Ivers (Liberia 1974-1976)
Peace Corps Writers
February 2022

Angels of Bastogne is a remembrance of World War II that is based on the true story of a U.S. Army doctor, Jack Prior, and two heroic Belgian nurses, Renee Lemaire and Augusta Chiwy, who volunteered in his aid station that was bombed on Christmas Eve, 1944.

Fast Food for Thought: Poetry to Ponder
(Poetry) Eldon Katter (Ethiopia 1962–64)
A Peace Corps Writers Book
178 pages

The idiomatic title is meant to suggest that the words are something worth thinking about. It is a selection of the author’s poems, old and new, on a wide range of subjects. Identity, choice, change, aging, and the environment are just a few of the topics touched upon.

In the Amber Chamber: Stories
(Short stories)
Carrie  Messenger (Moldova 1994–96)
Brighthorse Books
260 pages

In the Amber Chamber combines dark fairy tales with disturbing history: a dust bowl, some famine, and some dessert.

Roost: Confessions of a First-Time Chicken Farmer
Bronwyn  Mitchell-Strong (Botswana 1994–96)
Apprentice House Press
166 pages

This is a story of what happens when two chicks in the suburbs open their home and hearts to four chicks from the hatchery, and is woven throughout with thoughts on chicken history, science, politics, pop culture, religion, social justice, and even psychosis.

A Cup of Stars: Stories
(Short stories)
Joseph Monninger (Burkina Faso 1975–77)
Wood Heat Press
458 pages

Joseph Monninger has been publishing novels, non-fiction, and short stories since 1978.  This is a collection of 25 of his short fiction.

The Boy with Four Names
(Story for adults and young adults)
Doris Rubenstein (Ecuador 1971-73)
180 pages

A story of European Jews who escaped to Ecuador during WWII, The Boy with Four names tells of one such family, and one boy who ended up with four names.

‘The Mystical Land of Myrrh
(short stories)
MaryAnn Shank (Somalia 1967–69)
Dippity Press
222 pages

Stories of a young Peace Corps Volunteer who stretched her senses to soak in every story, every song that was around her, but her missteps tossed a beautiful young woman into a whipping circle, and denied her students the futures they had worked so hard to obtain.

Tropical Ecstasy: A nostalgia trip to Brazil
Norman Weeks (Brazil 1968-70)
Independently published 2020
282 pages

The author returns after an absence of twenty-five years to his old haunts in Brazil.retracing his unforgettable journey to this huge South American country to take a second look at a place he has known quite well.


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