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Peace Corps memoir

Growing Mangos in the Desert: A Memoir of Life in a Mauritanian Village
by Katherine Baird (Mauritania 1984–87)
Apprentice House Press
June 2022
380 pages
$19.99 (paperback), $32.99 (hardcover), $6.49 (Kindle)

Growing Mangos in the Desert transports readers to a profoundly different culture to leave a message about human experience and the deep inequalities that mark our lives.

Peace Corps novel

The Fallen: A Novel
Edna G. Bay (Malawi 1965-68)
Peace Corps Writers
December 2022
220 pages
$9.50 (paperback)

The daughter of a Peace Corps volunteer killed in a fall in Malawi researches her mother’s experience and divines her killer’s motive.

A Peace Corps memoir

Coming of Age in the Cannibal Isles
By Fred Bell (Fiji 1969-72)
Peace Corps Writers
145 pages
December 2022
$9.99 (Kindle); $15.00 (Paperback)

In Coming of Age in the Cannibal Isles’, Peace Corps Volunteer Fred Bell recounts his adventures in the Fiji Islands from 1969 to 1972, where he learned to sail native craft and dive Fijian style. It tells of his encounters with sharks, witch doctors, and fire walkers, and his coming of age in his relationships with women, employees, peers, and authority figures in exotic cultures.

Family activities

At Home: 92 Home-based Activities to Keep Adults and Children Busy, Safe, and Centered
Prudence  Ingerman (Bolivia 1962–64; Ecuador 1992–94)
Hearth & Home Press
93 pages
$14.95 (paperback)

At Home with Prudence is a collection of 92 activities to do in the home. Readers and participants will experience a sense of fun, discovery, and accomplishment, as well as gaining an arsenal of engaging activities for the future.

. . . I meant those other people. A Snapshot Memoir of an HIV Tester by [Corella Payne]…I meant those other people: A Snapshot/Memoir of an HIV Tester
Corella  Payne (Ecuador)
$26.95 (hardcover), $28.09 (paperback), $9.99 (Kindle)

Many conversations pertaining to HIV disease intersect with race, gender, sexuality, income, and religion. It is my hope that this book will encourage dialogue and stimulate new discussion among those intersections, as well as rethink how our sexual, and other behaviors, impact ourselves, and the well-being of others.

Biographical essays

Essays in Honor of Professor Stephen T. Zamora : A Life Between Mexico and the United States
Edited by Alfonso Lopez de la Osa Escribano and James W. Skelton, Jr. (Ethiopia 1970-72)
Arte Publico Press (University of Houston)
616 pages
December 2022
$ 8.49 (Kindle); $27.95 (Paperback)

Through this collection, Zamora’s contemporaries aim to expand his legacy and continue his life-long work as an educator, attorney and uniter of peoples.

Stephen and his wife Lois  served in the Peace Corps in Colombia from 1967 to 1969.

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