New Books by Peace Corps writers: April-June 2014

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dandy-vigilante-2-140The Dandy Vigilante
by Kevin Daley (Samoa 1986-89)
Anaphora Literary Press
252 pages
March 2014
$19.00 (paperback), $3.99 (Kindle)

lauren-gr-1401Lauren Greasewater’s War: A Grand Canyon Novel
by Stephen Hirst (Liberia 1962–64)
Muuso Press
246 pages
April 2014
$14.95 (paperback), $7.99 (Kindle)
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when-whistling-140When the Whistling Stopped
by David J. Mather (Chile 1968–70)
Peace Corps Writers
274 pages
June 2014
$12.95 (paperback), $6.95 (Kindle)

kilometer99-140Kilometer 99
(Peace Corps novel)
by Tyler McMahon (El Salvador 1999–02)
St. Martin’s Griffin
344 pages
June 2014
$14.99 (paperback), $9.99 (Kindle)
PCWriters review

i-loved-you-more-140I Loved You More
by Tom Spanbauer (Kenya 1969–71)
Hawthorne Books
466 pages
April 2014
$18.95 (paperback), $9.99 (Kindle)
PCWriters review

splintered-paddle-140The Splintered Paddle
(An Ava Rome Mystery)
by Mark Troy (Thailand 1972–75)
Five Star
301 pages
June 2014
$25.95 (paperback), $3.19 (Kindle)

africas-release-140Africa’s Release: The Journey Continues
by Mark Wentling (PCV Honduras 1967–69, 1970–73; PC Staff Togo, Gabon & Niger 1973–77)
A Peace Corps Writers Book
May 2014
232 pages
$ 9.76 (paperback); $4.99 (Kindle)

bridges-140Bridges: An Extraordinary Journey of the Heart
(Peace Corps novel)
by W. S. [Wendy Sue] Williamson (Cameroon 1994–96, Ecuador 1996–98)
Agapy Press
215 pages
April 2014
$12.95 (paperback), $7.50 (Kindle)
PCWriters review

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