RPCV Writer Stephan Hirst (Liberia 1962-64) is Winner in Arizona

RPCV Writer Stephan Hirst (Liberia 1962-64) is Winner in Arizona

The winner of the adult category 2014 ONE BOOKAZ is Lauren Greasewater’s War by Stephen Hirst (Liberia 1962-64). The “One Book” movement began in 1998 when Nancy Pearl, executive director of the Washington Center for the Book in the Seattle Public Library, initiated “If All Seattle Read the Same Book.” With funding from the Lila Wallace Reader’s Digest Fund and several local sponsors, she invited members of the public to read The Sweet Hereafter by Russell Banks, and brought the author to Seattle for three days in December to discuss his book in a series of free public programs.

In 2001, the Library of Congress’s Center for the Book took the One Book Project nationwide, inviting states and cities to choose books for everyone in their area to read and discuss in book clubs and libraries during One Book month (April usually). The number of projects grew rapidly, from 63 in 30 states in June 2002 to more than 350 in all 50 states by December 2005. Arizona, for example, began its expression of the One Book Project in 2002 as OneBookAZ with Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dreams for its first selection and Yann Martel’s The Life of Pi the following year.

You can get a free digital download of Steve’s book by going to:



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