Maureen Orth Launches Interactive Website for the 50th Anniversary

SuperVol Maureen Orth (Colombia 1965-67) today launched a new interactive website: Maureen, who served in  Medellin, Colombia, is still involved in Colombia with three One Laptop per Child schools through her foundation

To celebrate the Peace Corps 50th anniversary, and to share the stories of amazing volunteers across the globe, with her friend Susan Koch, an award winning filmmaker, Maureen has produced a series of video postcards that feature PCVs and RPCVs.

With assistance from American Express and the Bank of America there is a website which allows anyone in the Peace Corps community to post his or her story, picture or blog. Maureen is asking that you share these postcards widely if you like them by sending them out on your lists or tweeting them to your network. New postcards will be added, so visit frequently.

Check out these video postcards of Volunteers as we celebrate the Peace Corps 50th anniversary

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