Literary Agents Not In New York — For You!

Here’s a true story. Most of the time when publishers think a book will be a hit, they are dead wrong. Last year I tracked ten books that received six-figure advances. A friend, who is in the publishing business, checked on these books a year later and not one had earned out its advance. So publishers don’t know what will work, what won’t. They just think they know. The truth is: I don’t know either!

So, give your book a try. Here are a list of agent NOT in New York City, for those of you who would rather deal with an agent closer to home. I don’t know any of these agents, so I can’t recommend anyone to you.

I suggest that before sending them anything, that you write a ONE page letter saying who you are and what you have written. Agents are only interested in finished manuscripts. (If you have clips, you might send some of them to the agent so they can see what you have published, and how you write.) Good luck.

Steve Axelrod
P.O. Box 357
Chatham, NY 12037
Handles Mystery, True Crime

Balkin, Richard
PO Box 222
Amherst, MA 01004
Handles  Anthology, Politics

Bearden, James
2851 S. Ocean Blvd. #5K
Boca Raton FL 33432-8407
Handles Fiction, Young Adult

Anne Blackstone
431 2nd St., Suite 300
Hudson WI 54016
Handles General Fiction, Reference

Helen Brann
94 Curtis Rd.
Bridgewater, CT 06752
Handles Religion/Spirituality,
(860) 354 -9580 History

Helen Breitweiser
4500 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd fl.
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Handles General Fiction

Briggs, M. Courtney
100 N. Broadway Ave., 28th Fl.
Oklahoma City OK 73102
Handles History

PO Box 9428
Seattle, WA 98109 Science,
Handles Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Andrea Brown
1076 Eagle Drive
Salinas, CA 93905
Handles General Fiction

Robert Brown
1138 S. Webster St.
Kokomo, Indiana 46902
Handles General Fiction

Pema Browne
11 Tena Place
Valley Cottage NY 10989
Handles Children’s, Mystery, YA
Women’s/Romance, History

Jack Byrne
Sterling Lord Literistic
2370 S. 107th St., Apt. #4
Milwaukee WI 53227-2036
Handles Horror, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, General Fiction

Christi Cardenas
431 2nd St., Suite 300
Hudson WI 54016
Handles General Fiction

Julie Castiglia
1155 Camino del Mar, Ste. 510
Del Mar, CA 92014
Handles Memoirs

Susan Cohen
41 Simon Keets Road
Leyden, MA 01337
Handles Advice/Relationships, Children’s,

Frances Collin
P.O. Box 33
Wayne, PA 19087
Handles General Fiction, Reference, Art, Biography, Memoir,
History, Children’s
(610)254 0555

James Cypher
816 Wolcott Avenue
Beacon, NY 12508
Handles Mystery, Thriller, Biography, Memoirs

Sandra Dijkstra
1155 Camino del Mar, PMB 515
Del Mar CA 92014
Handles General Fiction, Business/Investing/Finance,

Lucienne Diver
Knight Agency
P.O. Box 550648
Atlanta, GA 30355
Handles Mystery/Crime, Women’s/Romance,
Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Children’s

Lynn Whittaker
Graybill & English
1875 Connecticut Ave. NW, #712
Washington, DC 20009
Handles General Fiction, General Non-Fiction, Biography

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