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Literary Agents Not In New York — For You!

Literary Agents Not In New York — For You!

Here’s a true story. Most of the time when publishers think a book will be a hit, they are dead wrong. Last year I tracked ten books that received six-figure advances. A friend, who is in the publishing business, checked on these books a year later and not one had earned out its advance. So publishers don’t know what will work, what won’t. They just think they know. The truth is: I don’t know either! So, give your book a try. Here are a list of agent NOT in New York City, for those of you who would rather deal with an agent closer to home. I don’t know any of these agents, so I can’t recommend anyone to you. I suggest that before sending them anything, that you write a ONE page letter saying who you are and what you have written. Agents are only interested in finished manuscripts. (If you have clips, . . .

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