JESSE, A MAN GOOD ENOUGH by Will Michelet aka Richard M. Grimsrud (India)


Jesse La Follette, an imagined social reformer, advocates for a program of transformative political change for Wisconsin in the mid-twentieth century that is eerily reminiscent of the early Christian Prophets. When he threatens too many of the powers that were then, though, he escapes the fate that Jesus Christ suffered two thousand years before only by the skin of his teeth and flees to a surprising and ironic refuge nearby to quietly continue his teaching.

While in India as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Will Michelet learned about language as a means of connection to others and as a result became able to communicate to all of its various castes. This facility affected a commitment to the equal importance of each and every person in him. You will see this thread in his Jesse, a Man Good Enough.

Richard M. Grimsrud writing as Will Michelet practiced employment and Native-American Law for several decades in Flagstaff, Arizona. He is a philosophy and economics graduate of Ripon College in Wisconsin, Harvard Law School with an emphasis in litigation, and Northern Arizona University where he was awarded a Masters in English (Creative Writing) in 2005. In the midst of that, he served as a PCV in Bihar, India.

He has published a number of short stories in the Antigonish Review, Oyez, and with Weber Studies: Writings of the Contemporary West. In 2015, he published the novel Mata Naveena.


Jesse, A Man Good Enough
by Will Michelet aka Richard M. Grimsrud (India 1965-67)
Glorybound Publishing
118 pages
December 2019
$10.95 (paperback), free (Kindle)


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