Gabon RPCV Jack Godwin Wins Fourth Fulbright

Jack Godwin (Gabon 1982-84), who recently published Clintonomics, is off to Swansea University of Wales this spring for three weeks of lecturing on a Fulbright grant.  Jack will be speaking about his new book and meeting with officials of the local Welsh Assembly government to discuss international trade and economic development issues, as well as recruit Swansea students to study in California in conjunction with Sac State’s Global Education foreign exchange program.  Jack is the chief international officer and director of the Office of Global Education at Sac State.  His book, he says, “is a political science book, despite the name. It’s a book about the political economy. I compare Clinton’s and Reagan’s governing philosophies relative to the challenges we face in the global era.”

This is Godwin’s fourth Fulbright and his last one.  “I am honored but I am also really disappointed because there’s a law, there’s a rule, about the maximum number you can have in a lifetime.”  His other grants were to Germany, Hungary, and Japan.

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