Eye On The Sixties: Rowland Scherman by Chris Szwedo

[A note from Chris Szwedo, the producer/director/man behind Eye On The Sixties]

We Did It. Last evening with a little less than an hour to go we crossed over the funding goal that we set up on the grassroots system known as KICKSTARTER. To everyone who made a contribution small, medium, or large– here’s what you did. You have via your donation virtually insured that our documentary will get a significant play on public television affiliates beginning in the summer of 2013. We now have a respectable war chest in which to operate from as marketing costs come at us.rowland-ges

About 16 months ago Rowland Scherman and I met for the first time and without knowing each other very well made an instinctive decision to make a film about his incredible experiences and his creative output. We have been to hell and back as all creative journeys are. We have travelled to many places and we have many stories to tell. At the core of this film, which is part history and part commentary, is the message that says that if you have a talent and a dream and some goals by all means be true to yourself…be true to your instincts. You may surprise yourself in the end.

By contributing to this project you have tapped into your own instincts as friends, as fans, as history and music buffs, as photographers– but most of into that wonderful human trait–that you like to see other people and projects succeed. Trust in the fact that this, and other good acts, will all come back to you in a good way.

On January 13, 2013 at the historic CAPE CINEMA in Dennis, MA on Route 6A at 7 pm, we will premiere our film. We hope to see you there. More info will be released in the coming days.

Again, thanks and love. Or as Ringo Starr says it always– “Peace and Love”.

Also…we are sorting out the thank you gifts…postcards, prints, DVD’s etc. We will begin that process next week of shipping them out.

Chris Szwedo

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