Dr. Fauci sends words of encouragement to the NPCA’s new Emergency Response


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  • That was a great address to the RPCVs who have stepped up to do contact tracing work. One of the best things Dr. Fauci said came at the end of his presentation when he spoke the words that RPCVs hear very rarely. Those rare words he spoke were, “Thank you for your service,” which words I’ve heard less than a handful of times since I became an RPCV 48 years ago. And thank you, Dr. Fauci for recognizing the fact that all of the RPCVs have served our country too!

  • This RPCV sends a Thank you to Dr. Fauci for his dedication and service to the cause of universal health care. The worldwide situation would seem to indicate that the covid19 virus is gaining momentum, and that humanity is on the defensive, but with people like Dr. Fauci in the fight, I am confident in the future. An expanding Peace Corps has a role to play, and I look forward to the day we can join the battle on even terms.

  • Thank you, Tony! You are a gem of service, and our country is so very lucky to have you leading and guiding us.
    Your grace during this pandemic has made a difference to so many around the world.

  • While doing the preliminary research for the US Covid Scenarios at the request of the American Red Cross, it became clear there were not enough contact tracers, so I called the RPCV Association to see if they might get involved and put the idea in Scenario 1 of the US COVID scenarios (page 14 and 16 available at http://www.millennium-project.org/covid-19/ ). My next door neighbor is Fauci’s Chief of Staff who participated in early research for the COVID scenarios and connected the dots for his boss. Nice to hear a national leader giving thanks to the Peace Corps – hope you will share the video!

  • I am a RPCV parent( Ecuador) .
    The outreach; the meaningful words and the upbeat responses are so incredibly welcome!

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