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Building the Transcaucasian Trail (Georgia)

Building the Transcaucasian Trail (Georgia)

Building the Transcaucasian Trail in Khutsubani, Georgia “I taught English in a public school in a small village in Georgia. I also wrote and received a grant from USAID to build a library at the school and helped direct a nationwide environmental awareness project.” Paul Stephens (Georgia 2005-07) Paul Stephens remembers the first time he explored the Caucasus Mountains, a place he calls “one of the most biologically, culturally, and linguistically diverse regions in the world.” After his graduation from Wabash, Paul moved to Georgia in 2005 as a Peace Corps Volunteer. When he wasn’t teaching English, the Batesville, Indiana, native would lace up his boots, load up a backpack, and spend hours hiking — an activity he’s enjoyed since he was a kid. “I’ve always been an outdoorsman, curious about the world around me,” Paul said, recalling family trips to the Great Smoky Mountains he shared with his brother, . . .

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