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SORRY, NO ENGLISH by Craig Storti (Morocco)

SORRY, NO ENGLISH by Craig Storti (Morocco)

  Have you ever struggled to communicate with a limited-English speaker? Have you been frustrated by unsuccessful interactions with non-native English speakers? Did you know there is a simple solution to improve cross-cultural communication in English? What most of us native speakers overlook in these situations is that the problem here may not be the limited English of the other person; it could be our English. And while we certainly can’t do anything about the former, we can do a great deal about the latter. This short book gives 50 practical tools to help you become aware of and adapt your own language to completely transform exchanges with limited-English speakers and greatly increase the chances of a satisfying outcome for both you and the limited-English speaker you’re trying to help or serve. And the good news is: it is not that difficult and it is entirely in the hands of . . .

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