11 New books by Peace Corps writers | July–August 2022


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Peace Corps letters – fiction

Dear Michelle, : Letters from an Old Friend in a New Life
Samuel Gerard [pseudonym of Samuel Gerard Luebbers] (Ukraine 2018-20)
Peace Corps Writers
July 2022
247 pages
$12.99 (paperback), $4.99 (Kindle)

What became of my reflections on my Peace Corps experience was a meandering story, a blurred image of a wander-lusting, overthinking, and well-intentioned young man, whose late night thoughts were what remained in hindsight, an incomplete picture of an individual searching for meaning in a place so unfamiliar, he might find it.”

Peace Corps Anthology

Never the Same Again: Life Service and Friendship in Liberia
Editor: Susan Greisen (Liberia 1972–73; Tonga 1973–74)
Sidekick Press
May 2022
254 pages
$20.95 (Paperback), $8.99 (Kindle)

This collection of stories and poems is rich with takeaways to inform and inspire you about the power of human connection.

Peace Corps memoirs

Through Grateful Eyes: The Peace Corps Experiences of Dartmouth’s Class of 1967
Charles A. Hobbie (Korea 1968–71; staff: trainer 1971, PCDC 1972-78, 2011-18)
July 2022
300 pages
$39.99 (paperback), $49.99 (hardcover), $3.99 (Kindle)

This book features the incredible stories of nineteen Dartmouth classmates and five spouses who served in fifteen countries in the early years of the Peace Corps,  describing what they did, where they lived, whom they met, what they learned, and how they were challenged and changed by their experiences half a century ago.

Historical fiction

Brazilian Odyssey
Stephen E. Murphy (HQ Staff 2002-03)
Book House Publishing
July 2022
236 pages
$8.99 (Kindle); $18.95 (Paperback)

Stephen Murphy interviewed over one hundred Brazilians for this book, told through the eyes of sixteen unsung heroes and heroines who battled to save their rainforests, native people and fragile democracy in Brazil today.


The Delco Years: A Dystopian Novel
Bill  Owens (Jamaica 1964–66), Francesca Cosanti (Illustrator)
Delco Years Publishing
April 2022
$32.85 (paperback), $42.58 (hardcover)

An irreverent, funny dystopian novel about a pandemic mitigated by drinking unpasteurized beer. 

A Peace Corps Memoir

While I Was Out: Two Years that Changed America
Jerry Redfield (Ecuador 1963-1965)
Peace Corps Writers
July, 2022
300 pages
$22.00  (paperback)

The book follows the emotional highs and lows of a Volunteer engaged in school construction and community development in Ecuador in the early days of the Peace Corps 1963-65, and notes the major cultural and political changes in the U. S. during that time that resulted in his reverse culture shock upon his return home.


The Bad Angel Brothers: A Novel
by Paul Theroux (Malawi 1963-65)
Mariner Publishers
September 2022
342 pages
preorder – $14.99 (Kindle); $28.99 (Hardback); 1 credit (audiobook)

A novel of chilling psychological depth, the tale of a younger brother whose lifelong rivalry with his older brother.


Kansas Kaleidoscope
by Mark G. Wentling (Honduras (1967-69) & Togo (1970-73)
Wild Lark Books
August 2022
186 pages
$4.99 (Kindle); $19.99 (Hardcover)

In many ways, 11-year-old Marky is a typical kid in 1950s Kansas. He collects baseball cards like other boys his age, goes fishing and hunting with his father, and has a good shot at winning his town’s annual turtle race. But his family is not immune to hardships . . ..



The Grievers’ Group
Richard Wiley (Korea 1967-69)
Stay Thirsty Press
May 2022
383 pages
$16.95 (Paperback), $9.99 (Kindle)

It is a wild ride with an unforgettable cast of characters whose stories Wiley unfurls with unfailing sympathy but also with his signature wit and humor.

Science fiction

It’s Over or It’s Eden
Rebecca M. Zornow (eSwatini 2011–13)
Independently published
August 2021
332 pages
$15.00 (paperback), $6.49 (Kindle)

The war against aliens is over. Earth lost—and humans are nearly extinct…

Science Fiction

Dangerous to Heal: Book One of The Displacement Duology
Rebecca M. Zornow (eSwatini 2011–13)
Independently published
September 2022 (pre-order for $8.99)
332 pages
$34.99 (Hardcover), $8.99 (Kindle)

In a galaxy where the last rare resource is unique humans, Yaniqui knows her ability to heal is priceless. She lives in hiding on a dry labor planet, mourning the loss of her engagement to Hloban, the man she loved.


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  • John,

    What a convenient road map you have provided to recently published books by former Volunteers! And your brief reviews of each are a great ‘tease’ for potential readers, most probably leading many readers on to a surprise. Basically, you have led them to a chronicle of newly discovered archival material on the Peace Corps experience and we all remain indebted to you and Marian for that relentless effort over the decades.

    Jerry Norris
    Colombia 1963-65

  • Friends of Liberia is honored to be placed on this list. Never the Same Again has a wonderful review written up last month by Dean Jefferson. John, thanks always, for supporting the creative aspect of our PC service, the third goal!!!

  • Thank you, Susan.

    I’d just add that the work done on all of these books that we publish on Peace Corps Writers, and most of the reviews, is all done by Marian, as the publisher and architect of the site. We owe Marian Haley Beil our thanks for what she has done and accomplished.

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