100 Days (Or Less) Part Five: Let Us Begin

Sinclair Lewis was invited to talk to some students about the writer’s craft. He stood at the head of the class and asked, “How many of you here are really serious about being writers?” A sea of hands shot up. Lewis then asked, “Well, why aren’t you all home writing?” And with that he walked out of the room.

It is time for you to become a writer.

What follows is your daily log – each day has words of encouragement, advice, wisdom or a task for you to do to help you get your novel written. For the purpose of organization I am breaking the writing down into “days” but a day for you might be thirty minutes or a week’s time. What is important is that you keep at the task of writing something everyday and employ the ideas, methods, and words of wisdom from many successful writers that I am sharing with you. The rest is up to you and the first secret I am sharing with you is: keep writing! Beginning today, and everyday, you have to write! Keep a log of how many words you write everyday and post it above your workspace.

What do editors and readers want?

I will give you one sentence that all my advice for the next three months is taken. If you wish, you can take this advice, this simple sentence, and stop reading, and go off and write your novel. Here is my simple advice:

All editors and readers want a well-written page-turner that is more  character- than plot-driven and has a clear beginning, middle and end.

 That is all what editors (and readers) want.

And that is what I am going to teach you in these 100 days.  

Okay, lets take a deep breathe and let us begin.

And good luck to both of us.


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