YOU ARE NOT HERE by Eric Czuleger (Albania)



You Are Not Here: Travels Through Countries that Don’t Exist
by Eric Czuleger (Albania 2011-13)
Independently Published
360 pages
June 2023
$0.99 (Kindle); $18.27 (Paperback)


Eric Czuleger (Albania 2011-13)

American journalist Eric Czuleger dives into the twilight zone of statecraft by living in unrecognized nations in order to discover what a country really is. He begins his journey as a third-grade teacher in Iraqi Kurdistan at the height of the Kurdish independence movement. Banned by Turkey, he pivots to Kosovo where he reports during the nation’s 10 year anniversary celebration. Moving on to The Black Hole of Europe, Transnistria, he arrives in time for the Russian election. Finally, Czuleger infiltrates the world’s first crypto-anarchist nation, Liberland, where he parties with Bitcoin millionaires and falls into his most challenging position yet: Liberland Ambassador to Somaliland. There, in the never ending desert, he discovers the real cost of drawing a new line in the sand.

You Are Not Here: Travels Through Countries that Don’t Exist is part history lesson, memoir, and adventure travelog in the tradition of Bill Bryson, Louis Theroux, and Anthony Bourdain.

Eric Czuleger’s Albania  fascination with travel, history, and politics began as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Albania. After service, he completed his first circle of the globe. Returning to the U.S. he worked as a barista, yoga instructor, intelligence analyst, journalist, and tech storyteller. Eric spent his year of statelessness while completing his MSt in creative writing at Oxford University. He’s lived, worked, and traveled through 47 countries and climbed two of the seven summits. Czuleger is also the author of sci-fi novels Eternal L.A., and Immortal L.A.

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