YET TO BE REVEALED by Geri Marr Burdman (Bolivia)



Yet to be Revealed: Finding Paths to Meaning
by Geri Marr Burdman, Ph.D. (Bolivia 1962-64)
GeroWise Books
November 2023
124 pages
$16.95 (Paperback)


Geri Marr Burdman, Ph.D. (Bolivia 1962-64)

Yet to be Revealed: Finding Paths to Meaning is a book to dive into as you grapple with the increasing challenges and chaos of today’s world. You will emerge with newfound purpose and passion for what counts in your life.

Drawing from her experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bolivia as well as years of health work in the Caribbean, Central and South America, USA, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, Geri Marr Burdman shares riveting stories of people around the world who are living purposefully even in the midst of uncertainty and tumultuous circumstances.

The author invites us to find a proactive route to meaning in the midst of the multifaceted challenges of our times-loss and grief, despair, inner emptiness, caregiving, parenting pressures, global events, climate change, even fear of growing older. Yet to Be Revealed offers a unique opportunity to journey inward to discover a compass to navigate life’s turbulence, moment by moment, day by day.

Reviewers’ Comments
Yet to be Revealed: Finding Paths to Meaning offers a message of inspiration, strength, and comfort that encourages reflection on “a search for significance.” This book is a real treasure.  — Jan Nestler, International Accreditation Surveyor & Aging Services Consultant
Geri Marr Burdman is dedicated to helping people find meaning regardless of age or circumstances. She shares valuable insights from people across the globe. Her life is an inspiration!  — Joy Nugent, Author, Founder of Soul Talks Incorporated in South Australia
Drawing inspiration from Viktor Frankl’s profound insights into the human quest for meaning, the author embarks on a journey that intertwines personal narratives with universal truths.  — Gary D. Robinson, Ph.D. Director, The Washington Center for Management and Leadership
Geri Marr Burdman writes with experience, integrity, and genuine heart. Read her words to maintain hope regardless of your daily challenges. — Erica Smith, Executive Consultant and Advisor
Yet to be Revealed: Finding Paths to Meaning captures the essence of finding resilience in the midst of change, challenge, and chaos. It’s a wonderful read!  — Linda K. Rolie, Author and Career Counselor
 . . . 

Geri Marr Burdman is the founder of GeroWise(R) Educational Services. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Oregon and has served on the faculties of Case Western Reserve University, the University of Oregon, and the University of Washington. She presents informative, spirited, interactive workshops and seminars nationally and internationally. The Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy honored her with a lifetime membership “in appreciation of her significant contributions in promoting the work of Viktor Frankl throughout the world.”


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  • Congratulations, Geri. The essence of your book could not have come at a more appropriate time. The cover is stunning!

  • I join Steve Kaffen in congratulating Geri on this inspiring work. I have mailed it to some members of my original Peace Corps Group [Colombia II] to help reflect on our Peace Corps experience.

    This book intertwines personal narratives with universal truths. It seeks to understand how we find purpose and significance in our life’s ever-changing tapestry. Foundational to the book’s message is experience in the Peace Corps, spanning six decades.. From the terrains of Bolivia to the shores of Puerto Rico, introspection of the unknown reveals insights into life, including the essence of daily existence, the compass that guides our care-giving, and the myriad emotions that punctuate our lives. The book’s chapters provides a reflection worksheet that allows one to assess the ebb and flow of one’s life’s transitions through contemplation of presence, echoing Frankl’s conviction that we find our most authentic selves in seeking meaning.

  • Congratulations Geri! “Yet To Be Revealed “ is such an amazing gift . A book about discovery, love, adventure and enduring friendships. This is a roadmap on how to be present while navigating the peaks and valleys of life with grace and purpose.
    You are a true treasure 🫶🏽 Thank you!

  • Geri congratulations on this among your many achievements. It certainly is timely given the world situation and how to make it better. On my reading list.
    See you soon.

    Tondalaya India XVl

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