Yes, Virginia, there are RPCVs who support Trump


As I have mentioned a few times, with my long experience with the agency, I have come to the conclusion that Peace Corps Volunteers reflect our society. So, we do have Trump supporters. Here is a thoughtful comment from a thoughtful woman who was an older PCV serving from 2013 to 2015 in Eastern Europe. JC

I appreciate your comments, John, because they show me a side of our president that I would have no way of knowing otherwise. As far as his morality issues, and they are legion because his past is far from stellar, my hope is he is today a better person. I am impressed that he seems to have surrounded himself with wise counsel — people who know and love God, Bible studies in the WH, etc. I believe he truly has a heart for this country, the military, veterans, and the American people as a whole.

I did not see these characteristics in either President or Mrs. Obama. In fact, I saw just the opposite, two people whose loyalty belonged to Islam and the Muslim culture. Also, I never would have voted for Ms. Clinton, who is, in my opinion, a career criminal.  Soldiers I know who have worked WH security duty when BO was president have many horror stories to relate.

So, yes, Trump is not unblemished, but perhaps the lesser of other evils. I voted for him and am proud to say I did. I lived in the heartland for several years, but have also lived east coast and west coast, so don’t feel geography has a bearing on my political views.  Maybe it does and I am just too much of a “mutt” to see it. Haha!

Anyway, I do appreciate hearing your views.




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  • Yes even RPCVs can be taken in by lies. There is no basis for thinking that either Obama is particularly loyal to Muslim culture — but it wouldn’t be wrong if they were. And it’s ridiculous to characterize Hillary Clinton as a career criminal. She’s not altogether admirable — but this RPCV (whose name doesn’t appear) admits that Trump’s behavior in his life hasn’t been altogether admirable either. Sad.

  • Why do people insist that President Obama has an Islamic agenda and exults Muslim culture? Trump’ White House is void of true Christian beliefs to tend to the poor, hungry and sick. His propose and actual budget cutting is unprincipled and leaves unprotected women health care. He is reluctant to condemn domestic right wing terrorism and has subject the nation to the ridicule of other nations. It is regrettable that a RPCV failed to see the hypocrisy of her “do good” service with the Trump’s administration intentions to do harm to the principles of American democracy.

  • She lost me by saying that President Obama supports Islam and only Muslims. How devout is a White House that seeks policies opposed to children’s welfare, degrade rights of women to reproduction health and basically calls for budget cuts that hinder gains for poor people. The Obamas are principle people, unlike Donald Trump who has fostered support for dictators and anti-democratic principles.

  • I beg to differ on the “thoughtful” part. Anyone who says Obama’s loyalty was to Islam is deluded. That’s just another version of Trumpian birtherism. But as much as I hate to generalize, I have to say most Trump supporters are just as deluded. They voted for him because they believed his outlandish promises: that he would: build a wall that Mexico would pay for, that he would bring back the coal industry to its glory days, that he would produce trade surpluses with every one of our trading partners, that he would replace Obamacare with much cheaper and more generous health benefits for all, that Russia would become our pal, that every illegal would be deported, that Muslims would be banned from the US, that ISIS and al-Qai’ida would disappear, and that America would be great again. Lincoln was right–you can fool some of the people all of the time.

  • This is the twenty-first century. Why snake back? The great fleet of future is the star. Don’t blunt it. Open hearts, minds.

        The enemy of my enemy
        is my friend. The friend
        of my enemy is my enemy.
        The friend of my friend is
        my friend (unless that
        friend is a friend of the
        friend of my enemy.)

        The feud of my family is
        a breach in the friendship
        of my blood. My blood is
        my enemy? Is this the edge
        of my world? How canine
        is the tooth of my despair?
        Where is a pulse for peace?
        ©Copyright Edward Mycue

        • This business of supporting totalitarian capitalism is troubling to me. Whatever you pair totalitarianism with is tainted from the get-go.

  • Do this “thoughtful” RPCV and other hard-core Trump supporters read anything besides his tweets and other stuff he specifically endorses? I am very concerned about our citizenry’s apparent inability to seek out and consume a variety of news sources.

    I recommend The Economist, BBC, NPR and just nonUS news sources in general. La Nación in Costa Rica is decent. Choose your own set of sources, but don’t just read what Trump & his cronies tell you to, and seek out foreign news sources in particular. It is extremely sobering to see what folks in other countries think of our president and by extension of all us.

  • “The protesters were not ALL Nazis. Some were really good people”– Donald Trump

    Enough said.
    The 2016 election was flawed in manifold ways. The full accounting of the millions that have been funneled into his campaign from other countries has yet to be determined.
    Trump never showed his taxes and never divested himself from his real estate and other holdings, and now charges the government rent! He has not chosen wisely for his closest advisors, and has left hundreds of key posts in all departments unfilled. He is a leader only to those who support him, not all the people of the country he has sworn to protect and defend.

    He tweets, rather than speaks. Both the tweets and the speeches are lies. His only ethic is promoting his own power.
    There really is no upside whatsoever to his character and the 34% who still support him are, sadly, as flawed as he is.
    I am sorry to have to say this.

  • I recall during the first Obama campaign, he was attacked for his attendance over decades at a Church with a radical black Minister. How does someone who attends Church that religiously transmorph into a person whose “loyalty” is to Islam and a Muslim culture?

    Leaving aside the factual discrepancies, the real problem with the writer’s comment is what is wrong with a President who is Moslem or Mormon, or Catholic, or Jewish or any denomination of Protestantism or Buddhist, HIndu or agnostic or atheist? We were supposed to have overcome a religious test for the Presidency when JFK campaigned against the hateful propaganda that his election would mean he would take orders from the Pope. Today, many of us wish that Trump would take guidance from Pope Francis on the issues of helping the less fortunate, welcoming immigrants, giving asylum to political refugees, and treated all people as brothers and sisters.

  • I found the RPCVs comments telling. I would like so much to hear more from her about her Peace Corps experience. She joined the Peace Corps and served during Obama’s second administration. She also must have encountered people of the Muslim faith during her service. Finally, she is very recently returned. I wonder if she had any experiences that impacted her negatively and that is reflected in her remarks. I know when I came home, after being tramatized by a Marxist guerrilla attack near our town, I wanted nothing more but to be safe and to wrap myself in everything American. It took time for me to regain balance.

    Without any more information from her, I am going to assume that she is one of the millions of Americans who are subject to a “vast propaganda machine” that links talk radio, some cable news outlets, conservative right wing websites, etc. without any attempt by liberals, progressives, and the Democrats to confront the propaganda where it is presented. The greatest of these, in my opinion, is am talk radio. It is pervasive, unchallenged, and repetitive. When people only hear one side, relentlessly, they assume it is the “real side”. Most people turn on the radio to get weather, traffic, and some local news. They get the propaganda along with this information. I believe that the Democratic Party failed to fulfil its ethical responsibility by remaining officially silent when the lies, some repeated by this RPCV, were promoted throughout the land.Telling people “don’t listen or watch” or proudly stating that one “does not listen” does not make the lies go away or the inform the citizens who have been victimized.

    The Constitution of the United States, Article VI, states “but no religious Test shall ever be required asa Qualification t any Office or public Trust under the United States.” Mrs. Clinton has never been charged, let alone, convicted of any crime.
    The soldiers on guard duty at the White House do not talk; they have been trained. The actual White House family is protected by the Secret Service. They do have intimate knowledge of the First Family. I, as a faithful observer
    of right wing propaganda, have never heard anything like “horror stories” about the Obamas. I think the Secret Service should be sworn to not reveal any information about what they observe. However one low level secret service agent, did write a book highly critical of Hillary Clinton based on what he observed during his service. He made the poison pen circuit. I think what he did was outrageous. Information he revealed could be used to potentionally compromise the safety of the Clintons.

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