WorldView Magazine wins awards!


WorldView magazine, published by National Peace Corps Association, earned both an EDDIE and OZZIE in the 2021 FOLIO Magazine awards. These awards recognize magazine editorial and design excellence.

WorldView earned EDDIE top honors for a series of articles in the Summer 2020 edition that tell the stories of Peace Corps Volunteers who were evacuated from around the world in 2020. These stories capture the Volunteers’ experiences and the communities in which they were serving, and the unfinished business they left behind.

The magazine earned OZZIE top honors for the cover of the Fall 2020 edition, featuring an illustration by award-winning artist David Plunkert. With a dove of peace inside a cage-like COVID-19 molecule, the cover asks: “What’s the role of Peace Corps now?” Plunkert’s work has appeared in the pages and on the covers of The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Time, and elsewhere.

The awards were presented on October 14 at the FOLIO gala in New York City. The EDDIES and OZZIES have been presented for more than a quarter century, and this year marked the return of an in-person awards ceremony. Other top winners this year include California’s ALTA Journal, Variety, environmental news publication Grist, People, and National Geographic Kids.

WorldView is edited by Steven Boyd Saum (Ukraine 1994-96), and Pamela Fogg serves as art director.

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  • Well done Steven & his team!

    I was so impressed by the story of Anna Zauner, who was in Guatemala that I broadened its scope and wrote, “The Future of the Peace Corps in Guatemala” which was published in the February issue of “Revue Magazine.”

    The article has great graphics and a section on the end for comments–

    And for the Moritz Thomsen fans, another article, “Ramon and Moritz: A Partnership on a Black Coast” is a finalist in the Arizona Authors Association Literary competition this year.


    Mark D. Walker

  • Congratulations to Steven and Pamela!
    You folks earned those awards with your hard work and dedication.
    Here’s wishing you continued good fortune,
    Jim Skelton

  • I second the motion: Congratulations to Steven Boyd Saum and Pamela Fogg as well as Glenn Blumhorst! Every issue sustains my interest.

    Beverly Hammons
    RPCV Ecuador 1970-73

  • So well deserved! I love WorldView and share it with many others. It is outstanding!

    Leita Kaldi Davis

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