Richard Wiley (Korea 1967-69) Publishes e-books with Concord Free Press

Publishers Weekly has a short piece this week on the new Concord ePress  which is re-publishing two novels by Richard Wiley. 

The Concord Free Press was cofounded in 2008 by novelist Stona Fitch with the purpose of giving away books for free to readers, who in turn are asked to make a charitable donation to a group or person.  Concord Free Press does not pay the writers who publish with them; the books are published in limited editions of 3,000 and bookstores that work with CFP give the books away.

Now the press has launched the Concord ePress, a digital publishing program that will offer titles for sale, split the money 50/50 with writers and use its share to support its free paperback print editions.

CeP is releasing e-book editions of two of  Wiley’s novels. Other writers publishing with CFP include Russell Banks, Tom Perrotta, Francine Prose, Hamilton Fish, Joyce Carol Oates and more.

The e-book migration continues.

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