WHY WE TELL STORIES by Arthur Dobrin (Kenya) and Kenyan Dorcas Kiptoo


Two Westbury, New York, residents , Dorcas Kiptoo and Arthur Dobrin, who both have a long history with Kenya, will read from their new children’s book, “Why We Tell Stories,” on Thursday, June 1 at 7 pm at the Westbury Memorial Library, 445 Jefferson Street, Westbury, NY.

Dorcas Kiptoo, a Kenyan, came to the US in 2010 seeking a better life for herself and her three daughters. After arriving she heard about the Dobrin family and their connection to Kenya, and the Kiptoos ended up living with the Dobrins in Westbury for three years. Arthur and Lyn Dobrin had been Peace Corps Volunteers in Kenya in the 1960s, lived there again in 1975 and then led numerous educational safaris through Adelphi University. Both Dobrins have written books related to Kenya.

Why We Tell Stories--with tales such as ”Why Goats Don’t like Leopards,” “Why Hyenas Walk on Stilts,” and “Why There Are Ogres” –are the stories that Ms. Kiptoo was told by her grandmother who was the main storyteller in the small village of Mogotio. In the evenings after dinner, Grandma Sogome, would say ,“Grandmother is ready for a story,” and all the children would come running.

Arthur Dobrin (Kenya 1965-67)

Arthur Dobrin is Professor Emeritus of Management, Entrepreneurship, and General Business at Hofstra University and Leader Emeritus of the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island.

Prior to his career, Arthur Dobrin served as a Peace Corps Volunteer with his wife, Lyn, in Kenya.  There he was in charge of the educational component of the Kisii District office of the Department of Cooperative Development. He has maintained his interest in Kenya since, having returned with his family and having led educational safaris to Kenya for Adelphi University School of Social Work. He has published two novels, a collection of short stories and a book of poems all set in Kenya. He and Lyn directed the Kenya Project, a program that provided funds for an elementary school in Kisii, from 2000-2010.

The book, published by Nsemia Publishers in Kenya, is available in the US on-line.

Why We Tell Stories
By Dorcas Kiptoo & Arthur Dobrin (Kenya 1965-67)
Nsemia Publishers, Kenya
80 pages
February 2023



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