Who Is RPCV Donald Lu?

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday revealed the name of the US official who allegedly threatened the PTI government, putting the ties with Washington at risk.

Donald Lu (Sierra Leone 1988-90)

The premier had made the revelation during an interaction with the party lawmakers after a televised address in which he congratulated the nation for “foiling the international conspiracy” and announced that he has advised the president to dissolve the assembly.

While briefing his MNAs about the political situation in the country, he had said that US State Dept official Donald Lu (Sierra Leone 1988-90) is behind this “conspiracy” against the PTI government due to an independent foreign policy.

PM Imran Khan in a public rally on March 27 had claimed that a foreign power had interfered in the national affairs of the country and attempted to dislodge his government.

At that time he did not name the country and the official but in his later interactions with parliamentarians and media, he shared the name of the US official who allegedly threatened the government.

Donald Lu’s profile

Donald Lu is serving as Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs since September 15, 2021. Prior to this assignment, Assistant Secretary Lu served as the US Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic from 2018 to 2021 and the US Ambassador to the Republic of Albania from 2015-2018.

Before his posting in Albania, Lu worked on the Ebola crisis in West Africa as the Deputy Coordinator for Ebola Response in the Department of State.

Lu is a Foreign Service Officer with more than 30 years of US government service. He served as Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) in India (2010-2013), Chargé d’Affaires (2009-2010) and DCM (2007-2009) in Azerbaijan, and as DCM in Kyrgyzstan (2003-2006).

Earlier in his career, he was assigned as Deputy Director in the Office of Central Asian and South Caucasus Affairs, Bureau of European Affairs (2001-2003), Special Assistant to the Ambassador for the Newly Independent States in the Office of the Secretary of State (2000-2001), Political Officer in New Delhi, India (1997-2000), Special Assistant to the Ambassador in New Delhi, India (1996-1997), Consular Officer in Tbilisi, Georgia (1994-1996), and Political Officer in Peshawar, Pakistan (1992-1994).

As a Peace Corps volunteer in Sierra Leone, West Africa from 1988-1990, he helped to restore hand-dug water wells and to teach health education and latrine construction.

Source: The News
Editor: TA Abbas

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  • Thanks for the background on this situation. Donald Lu has a very impressive background. U.S. relations with Pakistan have traditionally been “strained” at best, but their on-going relationship with Russia has probably exasperated that situation.

    I’ll be interested to learn how Donald Lu who has worked in some really tough places–starting with Sierra Leone dealing with Ebola & the State Department explain the accusations of the Pakistani Prime Minister’s claims.


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