Where's the Peace Corps? Nowhere, That's Where!

Remember when the Peace Corps led these lists of what college graduates wanted to do? Well, here’s a new one, the results of the US Professional Survey. It reveals how working professionals perceive organizations as employers. And it indicates a company’s position in relation to its competitors in the recruitment market. There were 10,000 respondents in the survey. Something has changed. Is it the age or the agency?

Google 1
Apple  2
The Walt Disney Company 3
U.S. Department of State 4
Amazon 5
Microsoft 7
Central Intelligence Agency 8
Teach for America 10
Peace Corps 11
Nike 12

(Well, at least we beat out Nike!)


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  • Heck, I want to work for Google! It’s smart, young, energetic, innovative, cutting edge, offers bennies for its employees, exercise, great food on work premises, etc. Already worked for Disney, but not the exciting part of Disney. FBI and CIA and NASA, young people think they’re like the movies and edgy, I understand that, but that Peace didn’t beat out Teach for America says something about the agency. Take no comfort in beating out Nike; it’s still the world’s largest sporting goods company, it just missed analysts’ 3d quarter estimate.

  • Think about “the age” when the Peace Corps ranked higher. Many volunteers would not have gone near the CIA,FBI or State, and back then Walt Disney was perceived as right wing and authoritarian, making its empolyees at Disneyland cut their hair and toe the line.

  • Teach for America teachers are paid a very good starting salary and EARN a teaching certificate, at no cost.

    The quesstion I have is do college grads want to work AT the Peace Corps….civil service salary and benies….exciting DC or do college graduates wan to JOIN the Peace Corps?

  • This is an age where money talks to young people, and I wonder if we’ll be seeing them in the PC in their later years when they get all the “stuff” they need and start looking around for something to do for other people. Also, many schools have had community service programs in place from elementary on up for the last ten or fifteen years, so I wonder if that will eventually kick in in terms of steering kids.

  • Not only are they the largest employer, but they only hire C students as Enterprise figures that A & B students will get bored with all that paperwork, and standing behind the counter filling out forms.

  • I am amazed the Peace Corps makes the top 20, considering so many people are surprised to hear it even exists today.

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