Where to Write the Shriver Family

A spokesperson for the Shriver Family suggested that the best place to send a note or card to the family would be:

Shriver Family
Special Olympics
1133 19th Street
Washington, D.C. 20036

[If you could, please forward this address onto RPCV friends. Not everyone checks this website (well, it is an imperfect world).]

Thank you.


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  • Sarge launched a global trip in 1962 vowing to see “every PCV in the world.” His tour took him to the Philippines, where we met with him on the same Leyte beach that Gen. Douglas MacArthur had waded ashore some 18 years before. Before the meeting got underway, Sarge was called away by an overseas call. He returned, beaming. “That was Eunice. I’m a father again!” he said. “We decided to name her Maria.”

    Several months before Sarghe met with our training group in Washington. At the time he was lobbying for passage of the Peace Corps Act. He described how he attempted to influence Barry Goldwater by taking a bowl of Eunice’s chili to his house and asking for his vote. Sarhe asked us to support him by meeting with our senators and representatives to put in a good word. Accordingly, I was able to make an appointment with Iowa Senator Bourke B. Hickenlooper to offer my endorsement. I reported thios to Shriver in a meeting. Sarge was impressed. Later, Hickenlooper, a staunch conservative Republican, did indeed vote for the Peace Corps Act.

  • I, like so many of us in the Peace Corps family, had my life-course altered by being a PCV. Sarge Shriver, in all of his many manifestations, touched and altered the lives of millions around the world. He would have made an magnificent president.

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