When Peace Corps Staff Lived Like PCVs

The staff orientation instruction booklet for Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands, back in 1968 when the Peace Corps Training was done on St. Croix and St. Thomas, has an interesting piece of instruction for incoming training staff.imagescadahdif

One paragraph in the 9-page orientation pamphlet, which is mimeographed and stapled together, reads:


The living accommodations at the VITC are not luxurious by any standards.

Housing for married couples is not available unless specifically stated in writing by the Director of the VITC. Housing for single staff members is generally shared quarters. A single room provided with two beds, two chairs, one dresser, one standing wardrobe rack. Linen is distributed once weekly. Toilet and shower facilities are located in a separate building. There is no hot water at the St. Croix Camp and no flush toilets. The St. Thomas Camp is equipped with flush toilets, and in some cases hot water. Meals are served in communal dining hall. Each person is responsible for washing his own utensils.

Those were the days!


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  • Yes, but the beaches were amazing on the day off, and a fifth of
    gin cost around $2.00 and milk and groceries were expensive, so
    guess what we lived on! Marcia and I loved the experience, it beat
    working in NYC between business school years!

  • Yeh John, my penthouse apartment on the main boulevard of Asmara had unreliable hot water and a chain pull toilet. And the food at the local restaurants where I usually had dinner was definitely not Michelin star quality.

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