What The President Said About the Peace Corps

“In the end, our security and leadership does not come solely from the strength of our arms. It derives from our people – from the workers and businesses who will rebuild our economy; from the entrepreneurs and researchers who will pioneer new industries; from the teachers that will educate our children, and the service of those who work in our communities at home; from the diplomats and Peace Corps volunteers who spread hope abroad; and from the men and women in uniform who are part of an unbroken line of sacrifice that has made government of the people, by the people, and for the people a reality on this Earth.”


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  • My father was career military, and like most of his cohorts, was not terribly impressed with the West Point brand, not until or unless, they got their uniforms dirty and their boots muddy. He was even less impressed with the Peace Corps, reminding me that the first law of military service was “never volunteer.” However, from time to time, he would let drop the bluster and suggest that maybe that particular effort had some merit and was probably harder than it looked.

    I think secretly he would have been delighted that the President cited the Peace Corps in those hallowed halls. and cited it before the “men and women in uniform.” He might even have let me know.

  • I note that the President mentioned “diplomats” before “Peace
    Corps.” In any case I am glad to hear that I spread “hope” around the world in both callings.

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