What Video Got You Into The Peace Corps?


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  • I was in the first group, Ghana I, and working for WGBH-TV (then on the MIT campus in Cambridge, near the Charles River as it is crossed by Massachusetts Avenue to Boston) and we put together the announcement of March 1961 that was used nationwide with Kennedy as President declaring the establishment of the Peace Corps. That could be my “video”.

  • Edward, We tried to find an earlier recording of Kennedy,as a candidate, talking about “peace corps”, but we could not. Do you have a copy of your announcement? Do you think someone at WGBH-TV might?

    • Maybe, or the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, but they’d have to want to really try. As well as checking with the old employees such as Greg Harney, Paul Noble, Russ Morash etc. and the station’s own archives. They might have some of the Louis Lyons 15 minute programs of news and interviews that I worked on if they were kept. I also wonder if the JFK school at Harvard might be alerted or the JFK LIBRARY STAFF where the Ghana I records are kept among the materials from that early period. Lots of wonderings and lost archives perhaps, if indeed the events that were live were recorded .

      • Migrations is a term than here might apply to the materials that may have merely drifted or been sent to some archives we hadn’t thought of looking for.

  • I think JFK library does have a recording of the March 1 declaration. We had checked with the Nieman
    Foundation and Harvard about the Kennedy interview mentioning the Peace Corps when he was still a candidate. No luck, so far.

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