WHAT IS ETHIOPIA? — the coloring book


Andrew Tadross (Ethiopia 2011-13) has published a coloring book for all ages, entitled What is  Ethiopia? that comes at a disquieting time for Ethiopia, and attempts to show Ethiopia as the sum of its parts. The book takes you on a journey to understand “What is Ethiopia?” There are 24 pages of illustrations of  Ethiopian people, cultures, food, landscapes, wildlife, architecture, and history all to be colored.  The illustrations are complemented by engaging descriptions and narratives about Ethiopian life by Andrew. Additionally, there is a trivia quiz.

Samples of pages that have been colored


The sole artist of all 24 illustrations is Biniyam Alazar, a 19-year-old secondary school student from Bahir Dar.

Biniyam aims to continue in the art profession. He has an interest in painting and has become proficient in digital illustration. As he develops his skills, Biniyam would like to get into graphic novels, comic books, and other mediums that are novel for Ethiopians. He would like to make art more of a focal point in his country. Biniyam was inspired in part by a documentary he watched about Leonardo Davinci. He has a great career ahead of him.  For commissions, please contact the illustrator at biniyamart@gmail.com

Biniyam and Andrew have never met in person. The entire project was completed over the course of 6 months, emailing images back and forth for editing.

Start your journey now to the land of injera, coffee, ancient churches, and the Blue Nile.

What is Ethiopia?
Artwork by Biniyam Alazar, text by Andrew Tadross (Ethiopia 2011-13)
Independently published
43 pages
November 2020
$8.00 (Paperback)


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