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Peace Corps Puts Volunteers in Danger

July 25, 2011
(left, Peace Corps Volunteer Kate Puzey, 24, was murdered in March 2009 in Benin.)
Idealistic young Americans are cannon fodder for the Illuminati-run peace corps.

by David Richards


Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. henry@savethemales.ca.
JFK founded the Peace Corps program 50-years-ago proclaiming it a charitable organization designed to encourage mutual understanding between Americans and other countries.

In reality, the Peace Corps is a military organization serving the Illuminati. It sends Westerners into third-world countries to act as NWO “change agents,” Westernizing locals. Another function is to give murderous US foreign policy a charitable face.

Since its beginning, 200,000 US volunteers have served the organization in 139 nations. There are now 8,650 Americans working in 77 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere.

The Peace Corps has the same attitude to recruits as the military do. They are disposable. As Henry Kissinger said, “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

Peace Corps volunteers receive terrible treatment. A report by The Dayton Daily News found that Peace Corps throw naive young Americans straight into the bear pit, without concern for their safety.

“Though many volunteers have little or no experience traveling outside the United States, minimum language skills and virtually no background in their assigned jobs, they are sent to live alone in remote areas of some of the world’s most dangerous countries and left unsupervised for months at a time.”

The fallout is inevitable. There have been more than 2,900 assaults against Peace Corps volunteers since 1990.

Many of these attacks are rapes and murders of young women. The New York Times reported that from 2000 to 2009, “an average of 22 women each year reported being the victims of rape or attempted rape… During that time, more than 1,000 Peace Corps volunteers reported sexual assaults, including 221 rapes or attempted rapes.”

In reality, this number is a lot higher. A 2010 survey of Peace Corps volunteers revealed that nearly 40 percent of those raped and 50 percent of those sexually assaulted did not report their attacks.

The brutal attacks scar the girls for life.


One victim is Jess Smochek, left, a 29-year -old from Pennsylvania stationed in Bangladesh. From the beginning of her stay was groped and threatened by local men. She repeatedly begged to be relocated. But the Peace Corps ignored her.

The result? She was gang raped by a group of Bangladeshi men,  “They all took turns raping me. They raped me with their bodies. They raped me with foreign objects.”

 “They slammed me against the wall and just started threatening me, they’re calling me a filthy American whore,” she said. “‘We told you to stop going to the police. And now we have to kill you,'” she said.

“I was in so much pain that I just told them, ‘Just kill me. Please. Just do it.'” She was left unconscious in a back alley.

After their horrific attacks, the girls receive little support. The Peace Corps try to silence them fearful they will hurt recruitment numbers.

Dr. Karensten Kohen who was raped while on service in Niger has said, “the treatment by the Peace Corps was worse than the rape.”

After reporting the attack to her Peace Corps supervisor and declaring her intention to prosecute her attacker, he responded, ‘It’s your word against his. He said you wanted to have sex and we believe him.’

Jessica Gregg is another victim, she was drugged and raped while doing service in Mozambique in 2007. When she reported her assault a Peace Corps medical officer ‘made me write in my testimony that I was intoxicated’ and suggested that ‘I willingly had sex with this guy.'”

Different girls have said that after reporting assault, PC officers have accused the girls of fabricating the event, taken their mobile phone to stop them warning others and refused to give them any self-defense equipment such as pepper spray.

When the girls are not being attacked by local thugs they must worry about their Peace Corps bosses who, rather than being a source of comfort in a dangerous alien land, are predators in the mist. Carol Marie Clark, a former volunteer in Nepal was raped by her boss. “Soon after I began working, my supervisor, the Nepalese Peace Corps program director, began telling the female volunteers that we would have to have sex with him in order to receive our living supplement checks. Volunteers told our country director about this, but he did nothing.”
“I have had an apology from the Peace Corps but I haven’t seen them take action.”

In March 2009, 24-year-old Atlanta native Kate Puzey was murdered in Benin. Her throat was slit while she slept. She was killed because she reported a fellow teacher who had been sexually exploiting his female students.

After she made this report, her life was in danger, yet the Peace Corps did not remove her. It appears the molester’s brother was employed at the Peace Corps HQ in Benin and leaked the info to his brother who took his revenge.

The murder was the subject of a widely-seen ABC 20/20 report in which the Peace Corps representative discredited herself and the organization with her mealy mouthed excuses.

Obama has announced his intention to double the size of the Peace Corps, putting further young Americans at grave risk.

Applications have increased 40% since Obama’s announcement and presumably as the economy declines, numbers will continue to rise.

Our culture industry is putting these girls at heightened risk by portraying Western women as willing sluts. Third-world men are gorging on Western films and getting the idea your daughter is a bitch in heat. This increases the chance of rapes and attacks.

Comments for “Peace Corps Puts Volunteers in Danger”

Edgar said (July 27, 2011):

It is unfortunately true that todays’ peace corps is not only working for global corporate interests, but they are also used as spies. The NSA / CIA or such agency behind the scenes is asking these volunteers to look into local information, like water supply, minerals in the vicinity, forests and de-forestation, grain and rice output, schooling and whatever may be of interest to commercial planners.

This information is then put together to form a knowledge base on the country that is more developed than by the local government itself. That gives them an edge to direct all kinds of things where they know better than the locals

If such peace volunteers are then targeted by the locals, called CIA agents and such, sometimes randomly killed – well, it’s not so random as that. Other foreigners and tourists pass through the same regions and are seldom molested. It’s the foul smell of American supremacy and perceived arrogance that actually makes these volunteers targets of local hatred.

Michael said (July 26, 2011):

Behold Henry, the prophetic wisdom of Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedys with their song “Bleed For Me” off the 1982 album Plastic Surgery Disasters. I highly recommend listening to all songs and reading all lyrics. Definitely punk rock at its best. The juxtaposition of torture images and the mention of Peace Corps activity should tell people what the piece korps is all about. It is too bad these earnest women had to learn the hard way.
The Dead Kennedys

You’ve been hanging ’round / With an enemy of the state / Come with me to the building / That no one stops to watch / Chorus: C’mon bleed / C’mon bleed / C’mon bleed / Bleed for me / We’ll strap you to a pipe / Electrodes on your balls / C’mon scream / C’mon writhe / Face down in a pool of piss / (Chorus) / In the name of world peace / In the name of world profits / America pumps up our secret police / America wants fuel / To get it, it needs puppets / So what’s ten million dead / If it’s keeping out the Russians / We’re well trained by the CIA / With yankee tax money in Ft. Bragg / The Peace Corps builds up the labor camps / When they think they’re building schools / HA! / When cowboy Ronnie comes to town / Forks out his tongue at human rights / Sit down, enjoy our ethnic meal / Dine on some charbroiled nun / Try a medal on / Smile at the mirror as the cameras click / And make big business happy – / Anytime / Anywhere / Maybe you’ll just disappear / (Chorus)


Dan said (July 26, 2011):

Unfortunately the article is right. I applied to the Peace Corps in 1979, and they wanted to send me to Afghanistan. Had I accepted, I would arrived there shortly before the Russians invaded. Probably I would have been evacuated before that, the information the the Peace Corps sent me about Afghanistan and what to expect on assignment there didn’t mention that the CIA at behest of Brzezenski’s State Department policy had set up a little thing called the Taliban.

They were up front that six weeks training would barely prepare a Peace Corps volunteer to know their ass from a hole in the ground in these countries, and once they dropped you off, you were pretty much on your own. I didn’t have a good feeling about their candor regarding lack of support, so I declined.

Later, I met a number of people my age who’d returned from Peace Corps service. One girl only lasted a week in Ghana. She was an American U. graduate that I wouldn’t send to a summer camp in the Catskills much less an African in the midst of turmoil. She said her first contact there informed her that the Peace Corp volunteer she was there to replace had been murdered. He’d been run down by a truck by rebels who thought Peace Corp was CIA. As soon as possible contacted the U.S. Consulate and said, “Get me out of her”. She was at risk for a week, she said she actually hid indoors while waiting for help to escort her out.

Since then I’ve known various church organizations that send youth to the same places as missionary or charity workers and teachers. They tend to be better trained, better prepared, and better supported and protected. The Peace Corps is the only such organization I’ve heard of that drops American suburban youth in dangerous settings pretty much alone practically no support.


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  • This is all sickening stuff, written by men with no first-hand experience of serving in the Peace Corps. I’m a woman who did serve in the Peace Corps (in the interior of Gabon, 1996-98), and I can attest to having had adequate training and excellent care, as described in my book, How to Cook a Crocodile. If those of us who’ve had positive Peace Corps experiences don’t speak up, I fear the negativity like that spewed above will prevail.

  • “If those of us who’ve had positive Peace Corps experiences don’t speak up, I fear the negativity like that spewed above will prevail.”

    No it won’t. The truth is the best defense. The truth is that the women quoted here are courageous and deserving of our support.
    This is all taken from their testimony in from of the House Foreign Services Committee. Each of them, including Katy Puzey’s mother, said that they wanted their testimony to be used to support legislation to mandate a more effective Peace Corps response, not to undermine or defund the Peace Corps.

    I am glad that you had a positive experience, Bonnie. But, unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where your positive experience can be used to erase the horror that these women endured. Furthermore, they have overcome that horror and are working to prevent it from happening to other women. That is the height of courage and compassion. I salute them and I support them and you should, too.

    Good news today, NPCA is reporting:

    ” In an environment where all the talk is about cutting budgets, funding for the Peace Corps is on the verge of clearing its first major hurdle, with the House Appropriations Subcommittee on State/Foreign Operations preparing to recommend no further cuts to the agency’s funding for Fiscal Year 2012.

    The Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act was considered and passed unanimously today by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

    Also today, legislation was introduced in the Senate to authorize a commemorative work near the National Mall to mark the lasting historical significance of the founding of the Peace Corps in 1961, and the ideals it represents.”

    We are gong to be just fine.

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